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The Land Beyond the Forest 16

Andrei and Márta were married in a small chapel and the wedding festivities were in Carl and Letties back yard. Many people attended along with the family and friends. Their back yard had been kept up before they owned the house. They wanted to make it their own style.

Carl and Lettie were true to the former owners wish to keep it as his late wife had designed the garden. Lettie even contacted the former owners daughter to bring her Father, John, over on warm days to watch the progress.

John was thrilled to watch the garden bloom again. He did not tire of the endless questions about where to place the flowers. They were making it their own but wished to make it as it was long ago. One day John brought a photo album with him. It was of his wife in her garden. Many photos of her in the vegetable bed. The herb patches of most were still there and only needed some tender care to coax them back to a lush life. The photos of the flower beds were quite interesting. They were able to identify the flowers and replace them.
“Here she is, my Irma standing by the Golden Wisteria arch. Isn't she a beauty?” John said with tears in his eyes.

Mirosi went over to John and licked his hand. He then gave a little yip lifting his paw. John laughed and gave the little dog a pat on his head.

Now that Andrei and Márta were married they officially resided in Márta's house. Andrei kept some of his things in the extra room where his brother Benjamin and Herta rented his house. Slowly he would bring his special things to Márta's. He decided to leave most of the furniture there but Márta insisted he bring his favorite chair. She knew he loved that old comfortable chair had been his napping place for many years.

They just moved a few things around and found a nice place right next to Márta's chair near the fireplace.

“It sure is nice to finally be with you my Darling Márta. I always felt lonely when I went home. Now I am the happiest man ever with you next to me every night.”

“I know I was a bit stubborn about living with someone again but when I felt it was time I said yes and am glad I did.” Márta said softly.

You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.

©Julia A Knaake

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