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The Land Beyond the Forest 14
Almond tree blossoms
Carl and Lettie were perfect house guests. While staying at Márta's she and Márta hit some of the second hand shops in town looking for items Herta could use.
“I know she does not mind mismatched dishes but she hated it when some were cracked or chipped. I'm going to surprise her with some new slightly used bowls and plates.” said Lettie. Márta also answered Lettie's many questions about the neighborhoods near them.
“My goodness Lettie I hope you are writing all this down. I can tell you really want to move out of Băile Tușnad. I hope that Mr Greedy buys your house at a good price.”
“Márta I have an excellent memory. I thank you for the time you are spending with me. As for dealing with ol' Greedy I started a plan to encourage him to purchase my property. I have a dear girlfriend who owns a real estate office in Istanbul. She has sent post cards on her official office logo stating how much she will pay for my property. She pleads that she has a client that needs that property for a private hotel. She offers a slight ten percent over the valued price.”
Márta just looks stunned like she does not know what all this means. Lettie clued her in that ol' Greedy snoops in her mailbox.
“He also snoops on our back porch. I have a real estate For Sale sign there from my friend. She made up twelve flyers in the attached box. Of course I am not going to use her service but greedy will take a flyer. If he calls her she will give him a good line that it is pending.”
Márta just smiled and thought Lettie is a wise woman. When they arrived back at the house there was good news. Shelly had a friend in town that had hired Herta on the spot to work in her cafe. Benjamin started helping Andrei with his bread making and Andrei found another client.
Mirosi had spent his day with George roaming the countryside collecting walnuts. George kept some for his baked sweets and the rest was put in a basket for Mirosi to carry back to Márta.
Lettie had time to make a nice meal of minced meat cabbage rolls with sauerkraut. Márta added some fresh applesauce and Andrei small breads with various nut an seed toppings. Herta contributed pickled beets with onions and Shelly made deviled eggs. Andrei also contributed Apricot Brandy.
The week went fast so Carl and Lettie were heading home the next morning. George made a big box of his Molasses Cookies for them to eat on the way home. When they arrived George brought in the mail. Lettie went to the back porch and saw that a flyer was missing.
“Hummm that mailman must have been eating lunch when he delivered the mail.” replied Carl.
Lettie laughed uncontrollably then told him it was Ol' Greedy snooping through the mail. Carl asked how she determined that. Lettie showed him the letter in the mail from Greedy.
“Look at the stamp. He put a used stamp up in the corner. There is no postmark. He sealed it with his messy tongue. He is always chewing on chocolate bars. He has sticky fingers.
Look inside he has made us an offer we can't refuse. All cash with no inspection. He will even pay all transfer costs. We better take it and vamoose. We can go back and rent the house behind Shelly and George then look for a house near all our friends. This has turned out so great.” bubbled Lettie.
Lettie called Márta telling her the good news saying they would be back as soon as they could leave the bank. Shelly was at the house visiting Márta. She told Lettie the house was hers to rent as George was the one watching the rental.
“George might even talk to the owner to see if it is for sale. Wouldn't that be wonderful. It is an older home but well kept. The owner, quite a frail gentleman, now lives with his daughter. She would like her father to sell but he said the memories he had with his late wife at that house keep him from selling. George watches the house so nobody damages the property. There is a beautiful grove of Almond trees in the back.” said an excited Shelly.
We will see how this story continues to grow in friendship.
You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.
©Julia A Knaake

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