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The Land Beyond the Forest 13
Two weeks have passed and Benjamin and Marta were now moved out of the house in
Băile Tușnad. The owner even said he would drop the rent price if they stayed because they kept the property so well maintained. He also gave them back the cleaning deposit money which would help on their moving expenses. Benjamin let him know he had another offer he could not refuse and left it at that.
Carl and Lettie had their truck filled with their good friends items and were ready for a one week adventure. Benjamin's landlord asked Carl if he and his wife were willing to sell them their house again. Lettie blurted in: ”The house is in my name not my husbands so I am the one you will have to deal with. I have been thinking of having a small house built on my property so I can rent the big house while we live in the smaller house. It would be great to have money for our retirement.”
Back at the truck Carl asked her why she said that.
“ Wait until we get to the gas station my darling. I want Benjamin and Herta to hear this. They will laugh their heads off!”
At the gas station after the gas was filled and the four having coffee and pastry Lettie told them she was planting a seed in the greedy mind of the landlord.
“I wanted him to think we were competition for his high rental. The house was inherited by me from my parents when they passed. With you two gone we would miss you both so much. If we sell and get a good price by Mr Greedy we might get a place nearer you and your family. It is a thought that is all.” said Lettie with a few tears.
The four arrived at Andrei's at four pm. He was there ready for them. He had a place in the barn for the extra furniture and sealed boxes. The clothing and personal items were taken into the house to their bedroom.
Márta and Shelly were there along with polite Mirosi now walking without his leash.
”Howdy Herta and Lettie. This is our neighbor Shelly. We have a lovely dinner of
Tocana de Vita (Romanian Beef Stew) with Mamaliga (Polenta). Andrei made bread and George, Shelly's husband Molasses cookies. Of course Andrei will have some Apricot Brandy on hand along with coffee made for everyone. I'll bet you're all starved by now. I'll bet Herta must have made a couple of sandwiches and told you to do the same. Benjamin never stops when he is on a mission.” replied Márta.
Lettie laughed and said Herta had done that and she was glad to have those sandwiches to eat during the drive.
Mirosi made a tiny tip and sat up on his backside holding up his paw.
“Oh, my poor babe Mirosi wants you to shake his paw.” laughed Márta. Benjamin and Carl followed Andrei up to Márta's house with two suitcases and a box of home canned jellies and jams.
Márta had their room all aired out and new bedding on the bed. She showed them the bathroom and the fresh towels and soaps.
Lettie said she had brought some goat milk soaps to Márta that she had made.
“I thought you might like to share some of my soaps with your friends. I brought a variety of fragrant one and also the plain ones are wrapped in the green paper.”
“Lettie I have always wanted to make my own soap. I hope you do sell your home and move closer so you can teach me how to create beautiful soaps like these.”
Lettie told Márta about her conversation with Mr. Greedy and how she put the idea of more rental monies coming in for Mr. Greedy.
“All we have to do is convince him that we are going to be competition for him. You saw out house. It has been well kept up. He did minimum work at Benjamin and Herta's rental. They did all the work in he yard and Benjamin climbed up on the roof and repaired the shingles himself with no compensation from greedy. Carl new of a person that wanted to get rid of shingles and he and Benjamin picked them up. I will miss them so much but I am happy they have found a way to leave Băile Tușnad.” said Lettie.
“Well dear I know they will be better off here. Andrei does not want them to pay rent but he will collect what they can give him because he knows it will make his brother feel his worth. They will find jobs and be happy here. We will get to know each other this week and if you do decide to move here in the future Shelly's George will help you.”
Andrei came in and swinging Márta around then kissing her on the cheek said: “That brother of mine is starved let's eat.”
You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.
©Julia A Knaake

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