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The Insidious Interaction of "Harmless" Thinking

Brace yourselves! This is going to be a wild ride. I am preparing to lay out a strategy, that has led America to the brink of destruction. To select a starting point is not difficult - the doctrine of "Political Correctness" - the remedy is to completely repudiate the entire notion of "Political Correctness" for the Communist Plot that it most assuredly is!
Political Correctness can be traced to 1920's Germany, where it first appeared as a means of forcing Marxist theory and the imposition of their views upon unsuspecting students. The ideology behind the application of "Political Correctness" was used to marginalize those students resisting the radical theories through persecution and ridicule, and accusations of perpetuating "victimhood" where there was no "victimology" in existence. The proponents of the doctrine of Political Correctness took otherwise perfectly acceptable terminology with no negative connotation, no hint of bigotry, no aspect of malice, and turned them upon their users in the most vile way.
A few examples to illustrate my point: the word "crippled" was a perfectly suitable descriptive phrase to describe someone who had been incapacitated, either through illness or accident. It was not a derogatory statement, it was an accepted statement to describe the condition of the person. Enter the "PC" crowd, and, in order to push their hateful agenda, they artificially attached some covert meaning through implication, so that they could use this unintended "slight" or "slur", albeit completely innocent, as a wedge to create a sense of victimhood, and to "raise awareness" that these people are somehow "less than" others in society. The purpose of this was to create a class envy scenario in which a sense of entitlement could be inculcated, thereby giving credence to the Marxist claim of inequality being somehow the fault of someone else, not due to the illness or the accident which created the situation, but, rather society was inherently evil by calling these people "crippled". The term "evolved" into "handicapped", and even that was considered taboo, so the broader use of "disabled" was adopted. It is still being "adjusted" to conform!
Once the Progressives imported the notion of Political Correctness into the United States, it was picked up by all of their subscribing parties, like the feminist movement. Their attacks were seemingly innocent enough at first, and then grew in absurdity to the point of ridiculousness. Initially, it was argued that commonly accepted as "neutral" pronouns "he", "him" or "his" should be replaced with "he or she", "him or her" and "them" - under the guise that "some people might be confused over the use of the MALE pronoun, and not understand that it also applied to females!"
The descent into the ridiculous would include the "desexing" of words such as "cowboy", "mailman", "craftsman", "waterboy", "policeman", and other not so obvious gender specific designations which imply a specific gender as representative, as with typically one sex dominated occupations. Let's refer to this as "Social Justice".
Another "PC" use is to supposedly "protect" those hyper-sensitive to physical characteristics such as being short or tall, thin or fat, balding, etc., so those words had to be purged from "polite usage". Take it another step and include economic condition, social status, privileged class, etc. and those who felt the need to object to being so classified (primarily by their political group leaders)and the next wave of "PC" behavior reared its ugly head in the form of "anti-competition" in activities. The Progressive notion was to not allow scoring, to ensure that each participant had an equal opportunity -(everyone gets a turn - all intended to stifle competitive nature in our children) lest the underachievers suffer some mental anguish and irreparable damage to their self esteem, and be emotionally scarred for the remainder of their pitiful lives. Adherents to the doctrine of "Political Correctness" do nothing to elevate or help others, they simply destroy, denigrate, humiliate, and follow all the precepts of Alinsky's rules, in pursuit of their nefarious causes to foster division, class warfare, and tumult.
At the same time, the environmental Statists were gathering support, and spreading their doctrine of the overreaching importance of "Mother Earth", and began co-opting another movement, that of environmentalism. Under the guise, again, of "helping the environment" devotees began to push all the usual ecological "causes" saving water, saving electricity, saving the forests, saving virtually every endangered species, whether or not it happens to be warranted. Using the mantra of "saving everything" the list of endangered species was augmented to include a host of wildlife. What was overlooked, or perhaps not even considered, were the consequences that occurred through the inclusion of this magnanimous gesture. Actions have consequences, and the unintended consequences of this overreaching "protection" against the natural advance of evolution and nature often wreak havoc upon Mankind. There are numerous examples of how Man has been adversely affected through the restrictive covenants included with the "protection" of wetlands, forests, streams, other natural habitats, the latest profound example of which is the tragic circumstances of the San Joaquin Valley in California where thousands of farmers are unable to plant or harvest any crops because of the restriction on their water in order to "protect" the Delta Smelt (I hope that is the right fish) that is causing a severe drought to be heightened by the lack of water to counteract the conditions, thus prohibiting the farmers from raising crops, making a living, and more importantly, feeding a great portion of the country! All to "protect" a completely worthless 2" fish!
As part of the "responsible stewardship" of the planet, Americans were urged to practice family planning - by only having a maximum of two children as being the "responsible" thing to do. Let's call this "Environmental Justice."
OK, now let's examine all of these "movements" with regard to their interrelations and see just what might come of it, shall we?
Starting with "Political Correctness", the hidden agenda is to undermine competition, to regulate opinion, to influence thought and speech, and to promote more acceptance by using almost "forced" or "contrived" compassion, especially in the area of sexual promiscuity, sexual deviant behavior, homosexuality and other anti-morality positions. The promotion of the idea of "hate speech" was proliferated using this concept. Taking the "PC" idea into the realm of the environment, its proponents used the same logic - "man must stop HARMING the environment! Just look at "Global Warming", especially the awful "Man Made Global Warming" - all those emissions - we are creating a "climate Debt" that, since it cannot be repaid to the "environment", we must pay SOMEONE, so let's adopt these nebulous "Carbon Credits" as part of the strategy, but we need to couple it with something, we need a Champion - who has the clout to help??? Enter Al Gore and Maurice Strong - but that is another topic. So the Carbon Credit scheme was created, and the underlying purpose? To "repay" the Climate Debt - it just will go to the Undeveloped Countries - (because they haven't had the chance to become big polluters - YET) funny, this smacks of "Wealth Redistribution" doesn't it? What does this have to do with Political Correctness? Remember the comment about removing competition, and making everyone the SAME??? Same theory at work here - the wealthy had an "unfair advantage" we must level the playing field to give everyone a chance! And how about in education? Remember all those words that were so "sexist"? Well, they had to be removed, and while they were at it, some unelected board (could they POSSIBLY be Progressives??) which controls the textbook market, as the largest purchasers of textbooks, made a lot of other "revisions" and "PC Corrections" to a great many texts, effectively rewriting our history, downplaying the influence of our founding fathers, and replacing the omissions with a wealth of Environmental theory, including Anthropogenic Global Warming, (you know, the Great Hoax of Al Gore and his cohorts) not to mention all the social issues now contained within the curricula of far too many schools today. The influence is felt within our educational systems, and is amplified through the media outlets with whom they are inextricably entwined. This also would fall under "Social Justice."
Well, so far we have two themes allegedly proclaiming "Justice" as some part of their agenda. Using the "Environmental Justice" heading, we can infer "Economic Justice" to the wealth redistribution in all the other areas not covered by the "Climate Debt" mentioned earlier, just additional schemes of wealth redistribution as socially engineered anti-capitalist expressions of Progressive equality.
Over the past four or five decades, the Progressives have insidiously inserted these various forms of "Justice" couched in seemingly harmless notions of behavior, morals, educational ideas, environmental stewardship, population control and, yes, "Political Correctness" in apparently unrelated policies and programs. While this was occurring, "Community Organizing" was gaining favor, playing upon the total fabrication of "White, Privileged Guilt" in order to prohibit resistance through the reinforcement of that "guilt" as the very reason there should be no opposition, after all, they were only "helping the poor, the downtrodden, and the least of our society". In actuality, the Community Organizer was only intent upon the downfall of the system, and was about to introduce the mechanism to create widespread discontent and longing so that the community would begin to DEMAND their "rightful share" of the bounty of the country, which the Government and the evil corporations was keeping from them. The defined role of a "Community Organizer" was that of an agitator, a "rabble rouser" to first of all , make the "Community" realize that they are miserable, exploit that misery, and then to arouse the anger within the Community against those responsible - "Big Government and the Evil Big Corporations, and the wealthy, who hoard their wealth instead of sharing it."
With a deck so stacked against America, it would be only a matter of time until all the cherished foundations would be shaken so severely that "fundamental Change" and "Transformation" would not only be possible, it would appear unstoppable.
This is the goal of the Progressives, and has been for nearly a century. The strategy was to employ patience, use creeping incrementalism to encroach more and more until a firm foothold was completely established from which to move quickly toward the ultimate conclusion.
Caution - whenever one uses a term like "Social Justice" recognize it for what it is - Marxist philosophy terminology for Statism/Communism! Same applies to "Environmental Justice" basically any term in which the idea of "justice" is coupled with anything to do with society in any form.

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Comment by caseyjo on January 6, 2010 at 5:59pm
They're coming to take you away ha ha ho ho hee hee..To the funny farm where everything's beautiful all the time and the funny young men in their starch white suits are coming to take you away.
Comment by CWO3ROBBIE on January 5, 2010 at 12:15pm
Well, I see you are still fighting the good fight against change. Any change. My question to you and all the rest of your followers who are always railing against the evil progressives is: do you have any solution to the occurring and emerging problems such as pollution, changing weather patterns, and terrorism. Do you think that if we stopped all proactive efforts against these problems, they would go away? Do you believe that there are any problems in the world that are not caused by the likes of Al Gore? Lets hear some positive suggestions about how to fix things that seem to have gone awry. What is your solution to overpopulation? Or do you think that it is a smoke screen thrown up by the progressives to allow the followers of Marx to take over the world? What is your solution to the fear mongering by TV news programs? Or do you think our systems of communications are all aimed at letting us live in a more peaceful world? What are your ideas about how to rein in corporations? Or do you think they should have all the same rights as individual citizens? No matter how big they grow? Do you think the use of the term citizen reveals a marxist plot?
Comment by Whiny Old Bastard on January 5, 2010 at 3:03am
I've said it before and I'll say it again, political correctness is going to get us all killed.



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