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The Ice Cream Truck

Mama opened up the windows
put away our winter clothes
She said: "from now on You'll wear those"
then she gave us a choice
play outside or do inside chores

so We were looking quickly
for loose change in the cushions
then outside before come Mamas boot
the Race of every Girl and Boy
down the street sweet memory rolls

that's what the ice cream truck is
don't know, what is all the ruckus
I'll eat all My dinner ... OK?
Mama could Ya just give Me a quarter!

in dreams of the Pied Piper
She danced a silhouette
He played: "no use cryin' over spilt milk"
that's when She found Her Voice
dollar from Her pocket buying Smiles

that's what the ice cream truck is
so it goes, what is Hers as much His
I'll eat all My dinner, and more
Thank You Mama may I have some water?


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