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i've been sulking

we didn't want them to knock our house down

but that is precisely why they had come

bulldozers burping: "only doin' my job"

just then everything i know goes black

stalwartly cradled into the fire

this is the story of the beginning

of what man will sooner than later be;

wax and wane but with certainty not yet.

there has been growth in humanity

our next stride may even involve you

we watch the smoke curl setting a course

to dance on the wisp of a whim it takes form

stupefied now by the flow of patterns at play

surely such choreography requires some intelligence

it contains beauty, there was thought put into this

therefore can be reasoned with

not necessarily so

you can read into this at will but

a lot of life is hit and miss

that's exactly how we got here

the only reason we exist

all in all

pretty amazing of nature

pretty shameful for man

no matter how you look at it

it's time to move on

you can either come with us

or stay

there will be a blaze

sent to lick this place clean

I'm just trying to tell You

If You stop and pay attention

You too will hear it coming.

our life and livelihood reduced to embers

while man's great machines exact their intent

back against the wall: "anyway you like it"

that's when i conveniently forget

you are where i no return came from


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Comment by caseyjo on April 20, 2010 at 11:50am
I always say...If you are looking for all the answers, you will find them blowing in the wind......I loved Godchild Michael.....You will find me where peace blows in the end.....K



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