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Well, the turkey has been in the oven since 0415. Needless to say, I went back to bed and it is now a little after nine a.m. There was a frenzy late at night as my daughter-in-law Bernadette fiddled about the kitchen working on this, adjusting that and putting the final touches on other things. She has set a wonderful table, albeit for four. There will be about nine of us at last count, but we will make do. The turkey is the crown jewel of the meal at 23 pounds, but we also have a quarter ham, mashed potatoes, yams, corn pudding, possibly green bean casserole (we have ingredients, but the utensils to make them with are questionable), etc., etc. No one shall starve at this house, including the dogs. They were afoot at the wee hours because they knew something exciting was happening and it involved food!

I think the thing I have enjoyed the most so far was listening to Bernadette and my son Chris who was helping her to prepare this feast. He was really getting into it and I like seeing that. It means traditions will be carried on. My other son, Kevin, is Berna's husband. For the record, Kevin is physically handicapped since birth and with my multi-storied townhouse was not much help in the kitchen. He stayed downstairs with their baby. It's been nice having them in the house but they're planning on going back to Utah in January. Better opportunities there, I suppose.

I hope all are having a peaceful Thanksgiving in these times of trouble.

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Comment by Kittycat on November 26, 2009 at 4:07pm
I felt like I was there fiddling in the kitchen right along with Bernadette. Very nice read. Thank you.



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