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I like to take the time and read over the blogs that others have written. I don't always agree with everything posted but most of you folks who take the time to write do so from the heart. I just finished reading the comments of one of our members who is a nurse. My main conclusion is that if I'm ever in trouble medically, I want her or someone like her to be my caregiver. She doesn't pull any punches and what she writes about isn't necessarily pleasant, but she writes from her heart. She exhibits what I would term "real tough love." She acts responsibly in rough situations.

Maybe that's my problem with society today. It's like we're conditioned to evade responsibility. If something adverse happens to us, heaven forbid any of it should be a fault of our own actions. I just finished a divorce and am officially single again. Maggie, worry not because I will take my time this go round. It's easy to say that my ex exhibited behavior that I knew she wouldn't change, but the fact of the matter is that I jumped into this situation and threw out many of the morals and creeds that I had adhered to in the past. Had I not done so, I know my life would be different. So I'm faced with new challenges, not necessarily a bad thing because I like challenges, but probably unnecessary ones.

What amazes me is the love and compassion that most of you show here, despite knowing that each of us comes with a premade set of problems and dare I say peccadillos (can those roll up into a ball? Would one find dead ones on the highway?) that may prove treacherous at worst, difficult at best. I'm glad there are still such people in the world as the good nurse above and those of you who have shared with me. I'm in charge of my life, but it's nice to know I have friends to help me.

Just a few thoughts before calling it a night and that's a view from the locomotive cab.

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