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Wow!!!! Look at all these wonderful and not to mention colorful pictures and lovely words everyone has ;posted on my Page. I want to say Thank you so much to All . I am very grateful for all the kind and most uplifting postings I have ever got on this site. This means so much to me to know that the people are happy and like the positive messages I am putting out there. I would like to a part of the solutions not the problems and to Heal The World one person at a time united we can divided we can not. No I am not ever going to be a Michael Jackson I approved of his message and it was a positive and encouraging one to all.

I am not very fancy nor flashy just a real ordinary person with extraordinary gift's and talent sin a unique area I choose to use to benefit people . I could use as much assistance as possible to get my messages out there. There are so many of these so call self professed clowns who call themselves Psychic's yet they do little to nothing for people except take from them . They write book's make TV and radio Appearances all for their own love and glory of themselves. We as a people need to stop this selfishness and stupid behaviors buy allowing them to profit and never give back let alone have no record to even proven vaildation .

I not only studied the paranormal filed under a accomplished American Psychic, I went on to obtain a Doctorate in this field. I went further to educate myself and perfect my abilities to be the best I can be and exceed my own expectations. I then applied all this to opening my business and moved on to make great strides to not only providing excellent service and products .
I make predictions that can alert and change the outcome from a negative to a positive the people have the right to be informed and to be prepared in order to act. Many events I predicted went ignored and the results were catastrophic that not only the media and our government did refused to listen let alone were not prepared to act in the best interests of their own people.

In 2006 I founded a Charity The Christmas Miracle event that gives families and needy children a holiday and extends to all holidays with food and gift's and toy's I am fighting homelessness by planning to open transitional housing for families and couples
I have been fighting hunger by donating food to Food Pantries, Making Dreams Come true for Senior Citizens with The Angel Ball, I donate my gowns to give young ladies a night a their prom in style and dignity. I give my older cars
to Mother's and Couples who need transportation to get a job, I donate to wildlife conservation, Save the Cats and so much more, I am one person doing all this can you imagine what you and others could do.. I do not want a medal or even a plaque just to see the simile son the face the joys of happiness I bring to their lives is enough for me....

Please join me in making a difference in the lives of not only the people now but our future generations to come.

Again Thank you all and May God Be good to you All... Angel

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