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I just would like to ask all the people why do these so call clown self professed psychic's manage to get the people dupped. I can tell you they are doing a bag up job all the Sylvia Browns , Kenny Kingstons, John Edwards, making money off of books Show's, TV& radio Appearances and so much more to get tall the rich and fame while giving nothing yes nothing to you the people handing over your monies to them. They live in mansion's drive luxury car's and buy expensive toy's while laughing all the way to the bank . At least the Actors & Actresses they earn their monies by working for it and even taking risks that cause danger to themselves to get the job done.

These phony's do nothing but tell you what you want to hear and make up the other parts to finish the job. all to empress and sell you you. Why? Am I writing about this I predict world events that have happened and educate and informed and warn the people even of dangers ahead to benefit them. Yes. I make money I give the money back to the people by giving so much charity works and opening and founding charities that will change the lives of future generations. I folks have researched this none of them even gave a meassley buck to any worthly cause let alone their time .

I can't even get the media to listen or care these people they command them with bullshit and babbling and not one of those blooming idiots can hold a candle to me in any area of life let alone abilities that would blow every one of their asses out of orbit!!!! No I am not bucking for sainthood nor do I want a award or plaque just some reconginition I have earned the respected and admiration of the people they have not.

Yes People I am mad mad as hell that you endorse them and give them the power and they do not help you or care about you they care only about lining their own pockets and pocketbooks and designer ones at that....

I buy nice things and have nice things however I give back to the people first and then to myself second. Making money is one thing being greedy and hording it all doing nothing to benefit mankind that is simply put selfish and evil.

It must be nice to see all your hard earned dollars going into the pockets of Sylvia Brown , Paris Hilton,, all the drunks and inheritances babies and all the other who never did one thing to earn respect let alone the buck.... I do not drink, smoke , take drugs or gamble what the hell do I do for fun make people smile and bring happiness into the lives of other people that is the greatest High Ever !!!

Change it People only you can,,,,,,


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