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Turtles Under Blankets
It is now Tue. the 12th of Jan and we (Happy and I) are still sitting here at Patrick AFB, FL trying to survive the cold.
I know how that sounds to people in Upstate NY and Minn but it is a fact. I think this is the longest cold spell on record here. Sunday I posted a discussion about the toll it is taking on the wildlife here. It has only gotten worse since. As of 10:00 am this morning the people here at the RV park have pulled 38 logger heads of various sizes out of the water and off the beach. I haven't been able to help much since Monday. I currently am suffering from Sinusitis and Conjunctivitis. Got me on antibotics and some kind of eye drops. I heard a report that the people who involved with trying to protect the FL wildlife have over 500 of the turtles that they are trying to save. They are trucking some of them further South to warmer waters. Havent heard how the Mantees are doing. I think it is going to get really stinky here in a few days. We may have to move inland. There will probably be a danger of a Red Tide if it really warms up. Know this is short but I have an appointment with the eye doctor.

Young Loggerhead


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Comment by Whiny Old Bastard on January 13, 2010 at 3:00am
Wow! Record breaking cold. We broke a record here,(Alabama) that has stood for seventy years.
I don't think that you have to worry about a Red Tide. It is an algae bloom. I've never heard of one happening in winter. It needs warm water to bloom.



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