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November - Month to be reminded to be Thankful for .......

To begin this blog,  I'd like to take the time to be Thankful for living.  I'm a believer of God and Heaven as my end home in the future. 

I am blessed with a wonderful,  funny,  loving husband,  whom I have shared the last 34 years getting to know and love more each day.  Marriage come 8 months after we meet,  and the years have flown by.  We are the parents of 2 beatuiful girls,  all grown up into independent good women.  The youngest is married,  has served her country in the Air Force 4 years,  along with her husband,  and has given us a grand daughter,  who has become the sun shine of our lives.  The oldest isn't able to have children,  and one day hopes to adopt.  She is in a relationship with a young man,  and they seem to be real serious,  after the failed ones she has had. 

I am so thankful for the family I have been blessed with.  We are not perfect,  but God knew we wouldn't be,  and he made sure we had a secure path in life to reach heaven,  by giving his son to the cause of redemption for our sins.  I am so very Thankful for have God in my life. 

I am thankful for all the wonderful things I am able to do each day.  For the sun,  rain,  snow and our home for shelter.  I am thankful for all the material things we have collected over the years,  for the friendhips,  the aquaintances,  and just the smiles of strangers we have also encountered over time.  Life has taken many of our loved ones on to heaven,  but the memories have stayed constant and for them I am thankful. 

 The list goes on.  For now,  I add one more to my list.  I am thankful for this site to add to my cyber friendship.  Paula,  if you read this,  Thank you for sharing the link,  and becoming my friend.  Hope we get better aquainted over the months and years to come.  Laura

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