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Margo y Pearl

Rebecca and Samuel's first born child came into this world screaming loudly and kicking. Samuel wanted the name Pearl. Rebecca wanted to name her Margo.

“Darling why Margo?” asked Samuel.

“For a month I have been so uncomfortable. I can barely sleep because this child is so active inside of me. I love her but she exhausts me. Today I watched yet another old movie. The dancer was Margo Albert. Our baby calmed down when this woman spoke.”

Samuel looked at his wife as though she had lost her mind. He would do anything in the world to calm her down.

" Margo María Marguerita Guadalupe Teresa Estela Bolado Castilla y O'Donnell, was a Mexican-American actress and dancer. She appeared in many American film, stage, and television productions, including Lost Horizon, The Leopard Man, Viva Zapata!, and I'll Cry Tomorrow. She married actor Eddie Albert in 1945 and was later known as Margo Albert.” said Rebecca.

Samuel looked surprised raising his bushy eyebrows.

“I looked her up. I want to name our baby Margo y Pearl.”

Thus Margo came into the world Margo y Pearl.

The thin glass window of the church was covered in mid-morning sunlight.
One was unable to see inside as the shadow of the tree branches with small green leaves gently swaying in the Spring breeze covered the view.

Pastor Riley was at the end of his sermon:

"The Fruit of the Holy Spirit. A biblical term that sums up nine attributes of a person or community living in accord with the Holy Spirit. This is according to chapter five of the Epistle to the Galatians 5:22‎:
…But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace.
Patience, kindness, goodness.
Faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."

Grandfather York arrived too late to go inside. A tree had fallen across the road blocking him from going around to the highway. He was happy to have chosen to drive his truck. In the tool box he had a small gas powered Echo chainsaw. It did not take him much time to cut the tree into small logs. He loaded some in his truck. The rest he left stacked in rough piles.

Margie would be happy as he cut them to the size fitting the wood stove in the kitchen. Once dried he'd bring them into the kitchen wood box for winter use.

Church services were over and Pastor Riley opened the vestibule and called to Benny. “We missed you today. From the look of your truck you had to chainsaw yourself out of the backwoods.”

“Yes, I started out with a clean shirt but there were several trees down from last nights storm. This one covered the road.

Glad I had my Echo with me. Some of the parishioners in need of wood might drive down Big Bear Road and collect some easy firewood.” said Benny.

“Grandfather come inside and have coffee. I'll dust you off. Cheryl and Cindy Lou are inside passing out cookies to the little ones.” said Margo.

“ Wait till your Grandmother sees that bruise. What happened to your arm Margo?” asked Benny.

“ I was in the basement helping Mother with the canned goods. Cindy Lou was on the other side of the shelving. She was trying to help us but she knocked over six cans from the top shelf. I was on the bottom shelf and they hit my arm. I was lucky.”

“Lucky”? Asked Pastor Riley.

“Yes, lucky it wasn't my head ! The purple and green contusion on my arm looks much worse than it actually feels. I will live and Cindy Lou will not work on the shelves until she is more responsible.

Actually Mother found out Cindy Lou is much better sorting vegetables and wrapping fruits. She also excels at sorting nuts and bagging them in mesh sacks.”

Inside the church some of the parishioners shook hands with Benny. The girls Mother and Father collected the three large suitcases out of their car. They would be transferred to Benny's truck along with another box of shoes and books.

“So you're going to be gone only six weeks? Looks like we have enough clothes here for six months!”

“Oh. Dad! Mom and the girls will be busy making school clothes in the next six weeks.”

“What? No time for Grandfather. No help feeding chickens or slopping the hogs. I need to paint the barn…and and…”

“Dad! I love you. We'll be back in six weeks. Kiss Mom from us. Why didn't she come with you.?” asked Rebecca.

“ Dear daughter. You know your Mother. She did not bake yesterday. Home making bread and who knows what. I did see an Apple Crisp on the counter.”

“Becca, you go on the trip by yourself. I'm going with your Dad to get some Apple Crisp.” laughed Samuel her husband.

“No you won't stay with my parents.”

“You know I wouldn't. Come girls give us some hugs. We have to get on our way. Thanks Benny. Kiss Margie.”

Into the truck the two younger girls got into the back seats. Margo took the front passenger seat. Grandfather drove down the lane, only one mile away towards the cottage. He went slow as the two lane road was still slippery from the fallen leaves. After a half mile they were out of the trees. Margo could hardly wait to see Grandmother.

“There it is squealed Cheryl and Cindy Lou together.”

“ Remember Mother and Father said to be respectful in the house. That means no running. Speaking loudly nor messing up the rooms.” chided Margo to her younger siblings.

There it was the cottage of Grandfather and Grandmother. A white picket fence surrounded the stone cottage. The roof made of slate.

When the sun hit different angles the slate turned shades of blue and gray. Flowers grew profusely on the outside of the fence. It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.

©Julia A Knaake

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