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Last 10 update and "Getting back on the horse..."

You're kidding me, right? It's December 29th already?! Where did the time go and what have I been doing?! Oh, that's right....working!! I've tried to squeeze in some good livin' (and some lovin' along the way) but work has dominated. Once fall hit I went into high gear at work and have barely taken my hand from the plow for a second. This week, however, with the offices closed, I am taking some much needed and desired time to rest, breath deeply, reflect and reconnect.

The Daily Grind group and those who frequent this warm and inviting place, is an important part of my journey and I'm elated to be able to be spending some extra time there this week. This morning, I shared with a recent acquaintance that I'd lost about 55 lbs over the last 2 years or so. That comment sparked a flurry of interest and questions. It IS that time of year, after all. AFTER the holidays, BEFORE the new year, when we assess our lives (and often expanded girths) and try to come up with that pesky list of resolutions; to lose weight, often at the top.

So, now for the update. I have NOT yet lost the last 10 BUT have happily held steady. I'm smiling. Not a bad accomplishment in the rainy northwest where we spend more time indoors in the fall and winter. Also not bad for making it through the holiday parties, gifts of goodies and treats and just general good eatin' available at this time of year! I have indulged a bit; enjoyed some good food and spirits with good friends but each day I "get back on the horse".

The analogy here, of course, is that we've somehow "fallen off (or gotten thrown off)" the proverbial horse and that success requires getting back on. It works, as an analogy. We get it. Get back on the bicycle, back on the horse, back in the pool, back on track. Stay with me here...I'm thinking. I did and still do have days when I eat things I want (crave is a more accurate word) but that are sort of "bad" for me. Like the bag of Good & Plenties (yeah, the big one) that I promised to only eat a handful of but somehow managed to empty in one day! Or the huge no-no for me (my own rules); the big bag of tortilla chips (with that hint of lime) that I opened and ate almost ALL of! OMG!!! Those times are rare now but I do still fall off the horse!

So how does one get back on, my new acquaintance asked? What tricks do I use? I guess the simple answer is... I just get back on. I go back to doing what I know is right; what I know has worked and will continue to work. I do NOT feel guilt, E-V-E-R!!! I accept my choices as being good or bad and purpose to go forward making good ones, according to my goals. I accept where I am but remind myself of where I want to be; what I want my future to look like. It works. I get back on the horse and ride...every day.

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Comment by Marti on December 29, 2009 at 11:57am
Thanks, Rainman! I hope I can inspire and encourage others who may want to see the same results in their lives. I'm pushing for another 10 starting now! There's new clothes at stake here!!
Comment by IARainman on December 29, 2009 at 11:52am
as a recent acquiantance, I'd like to say congratulations and thank you. You're a shining example of staying true to yourself every day. Embracing your accomplishments and accepting your shortfalls. You're doing great< I hope to emulate you in the coming weeks and months.



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