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I am having some red wine. I am feeling cocky and sarcastic and bitter and empowered. It is not just my embibing either. I have been hanging out with my friends who as a group are known as "chulas" which means "cuties" in Spanish. Dayum, that is so freakin multicultural----especially for a bunch of white chicks, plus the token: one latina, one Asian Indian, and one half breed Native American. Anyways, I am sitting around drinking and my mind wonders to thinking about fairness right? Of course I am going thru a divorce, I mean who isn't? And yeah, I am one sour phukyn bitch, mmmkkkaaaayyy? But really, I am not bitter or sour or whatever cuz my soon to be ex mother fucker is a mother fucker. I am sour or bitter or whatever for wasting all of my young life behaving like an indentured servant. I am bitter at ME. People do to you what you allow and I allowed a quivering, gelatenous, drunk, snoring, philandering, ass to define me as "ingrate," "bitch," "cunt," "whore," and generally as someone with little worth.

Do I want to gouge out his eyes and float his dick in a jar? Yeah. Am I gonna do that? Probably not. So what then? I decided to BLOG. Hey, laugh if you want but it beats the crap outta going to JAIL.

He is never going to read this blog, so I think if I say what I want here, then I will feel better, so here goes:

Dear Dan the Dickhead,

I want you to know that I am not sure you are good enough to breath my air. Your girlfriend, Jennifer, is a freakin farm animal and I agree that you may need a place out in the country since her girth alone constitutes her as livestock. Moo. And even if she does not win a ribbon at the rodeo, I want you to know that you both have my blessing. I mean, how two people as gross and desperately unattractive as you both are found each other and dared get naked or jesus help me have intercourse is in all likliehood a sign of the apocalypse. I am now and ever shall be grateful for the first hand warning. I have now been able to look forward to each day as if it was my last. I have been able with the support of friends and my own new love, Ted, to see myself for the person I really am and the value that I actually have.

So I raise my glass of shiraz to new beginnings and a second chance at life and to the hope that both of you die a miserable and painful death.

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Comment by stillgoing on July 3, 2009 at 6:36pm
Good for you Uber...say it and be done and now move on. Print it out and frame it...so you can re-visit it later as may be necessary when it gets shi**y during the divorce.

You may want to limit your contact with the chulas as they seem to project their own disappointments and the lacking in their own relationships to push your buttons. Not saying its true but something to consider.



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