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I was reading "Panic on level 4" by Richard Preston. The chapter about the Chudnovsky brothers was strangely inspiring to me. It being about the 2 mathematicians that built their own super-computer in their Manhatten apartment and used it to calculate the value of Pi to the 2.2 billionth digit to search for a pattern. Strange that I felt so spiritual after such a read. I wanted to contact my ex-girlfriend who is also a nerd and talk about it, and I haven't wanted to talk with her for a month. As soon as I got home and logged on to facebook, the feeling went away. I'm wondering where the feeling came from. I felt so inspired to write while in Borders reading. I felt so emotionally and spiritually touched. She's a thinker like me. I once described her as the most introspective person I knew. I wonder if its a nerdy trait to be an introspective person, a thinker. We got along well in that sense, both nerdy. I can't stand the aloofness, though. I try to reach out and be friends, like we use to be and she is distant, like she could take it or leave it. That really hurts, and thats the reason I haven't contacted her for over a month now. I'm tired of feeling that rejection.

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Comment by KonaCal on September 14, 2009 at 9:01am
Yes, it could, I suppose, but would it kill her to communicate that to me? Don't really feel the passion for her, but I'm sure it could be re-kindled if I let it.



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