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I strive to live in the moment.
In fact, I work extra hard to live in the moment.
But I care what I fill my moments up with,like communication.I value communication,I like it to be communication that has value.

And here I thought cell phones were bad,I just didn't have that much important infomation to talk about, all day long,where ever I was at the moment.Then Blue Tooth came along on the ears of good citizens, making me feel like the Starship Enterprise was accepting applications here on Earth for Uhura's job opening.

Enter the "updates" onto the cyber scene..
I dunno, all this posting of who did what,where,when and why for every little action and reaction on Ning,just may be too much of a good thing.
And it adds clutter to a site,which is something else I'm working on in my life.

This may be the reason so many find it hard to sift through the info overload,or just find it not worth the effort of all that reading,yes humans are known to be lazy at times.... ahem.

Oh and one more thing,it feels as though we are turning into a culture of co-dependants with these endless updates.How did I ever exist before,without knowing who befriended who,and who else joined what group or added something to a discussion.I thank the universe that potty breaks aren't posted!Yes yes yes God yes I want to know what everyone is doing every minute of every day especially so I can feel left out if it doesn't involve lil ole narcissistic moi. It is after all, all about me me me, you know.

On the flip side,or "dark" side......Posted updates every second DO take all the work out of stalking,now that I am co-dependant!...Ok that was a joke. Really.Or not . Maybe :-)

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Comment by Fractalac Non-linear on July 17, 2009 at 5:35am
Myself, I think instant gratification is way too slowwwww.......
Comment by Tomas Dunn on July 3, 2009 at 9:38am
In life we get caught up in all sorts of things and being caught up is not always good. Because many times then it overlooks other things and then you get sidetracked. Sometimes not knowing that other things in life are more important and I guess then it is a matter of priorities. The high tech stuff is good but one on one is better you can relate better and express certain concerns better as well. IMO



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