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Ha-ha! And how are we feeling . . .

Hey everyone. How are we feeling today? O Wait. Shh. Don't answer that. You might be giving away classified information. Ha-ha! EeeYeah.

I don't suppose anyone saw the Burlington Free Press today? Probably not, it's a relatively small publication. On the front page, above the fold, is an article about UVM and some research they are doing. I haven't read the whole article yet, but it's interesting because it seems they are, or they were, examining blog posts and stuff to see how people feel. Dont you find that interesting?

So I suddenly have a brainstorm. Ha-ha! eeYeah, I do, I have a brainstorm, and here it is. Everyone go ahead, pull up a random blog and paste the following statement:

I'm feeling Homicidal . . .

Haaa-haaa EEHAWww~!~!. eeYeah! Don't mind me, I'm just trying to give Sky Net a bad case of apoplexy and send it into terminal meltdown. Ha-ha! Ya-yeah. Terminal meltdown . . .

And in Britian they are telling the civil servants to go ahead, Tweet. Yeah-ya. It seems they are looking for evidence of emotional contagion that may have been weaponized.

Ha-ha! eeYeah. Well, we have the same problem over here really. Only we tend to recognize the problem is generally isolated, and instead of refering to it as weaponized emotional contagion we call it going postal . . .

Ha-ha! eeYeah, it's true isn't it. We do, that's what we call it. Why? Because manchurian candidate sounds cumbersom and may be misleading. Yeah-ya. That's because the politics are so fuzzy . . .

Haha! eeyeah, they are, fuzzy . . .

Anywayz . . .

Oddly enough, I've been thinking a bit about the Rorschach ink blot test. Ya I have. I think it's interesting, in a mildly curious kind of way. I mean, what is it really, but an ink blot that you get to interprit? Yeah. And then they get to use that interpritation against you. Ha-ha! eeYeah.

But really, that's all it is, an image and you get to provide that image with meaning. So to one degree or another it becomes a reflection of what or how you think. That's really all it is. And all it really shows is how well you learned as a kid that the square block doesn't go in the round hole. Ha-ha!

Yeah, but what got me thinking about that is that it's clear to me now, researchers recognize the limitations inherent in the test. I mean sure, there are only ten images, and either you can recognize the suggestion within the image or not, but as a genuine mirror into your attitudes and beliefs it really is limited.

What is really fascinating is the amount of controversy generated lately over this whole test. It seems Wikipedia has posted all ten images and now the psychological industry is in an uproar over it. Yeah, they are. It seems they are afraid someone will cheat.

Yeah, it's true. I've got links for proof:



I think what they are afraid of is that now everyone will show up and assert with each image: I only see a mirror, what do you see?

Ha-ha! eeYeah.

Anywayz. I really don't understand why this has generated so much controversy. I mean after all, the whole test has been expanded and updated and so the ink blots themselves are really kind of out dated. Yeah-ya. They don't do the test in the office anymore, they do it on the street corner, and now instead of pictures of ink blots they use tee shirts.

Ha-ha! You're laughing but you're nervous, I can tell. And you know why too, don't you. Yes you do, we both know why you're nervous. It's because it's true. Yes it is. Rorschach tee shirts. It really isn't funny is it.

Well here's the good news. It doesn't mean anything really. It's just a mirror, and it reflects whatever meaning you bring to it. When you see it for what it is, then the reflection becomes whatever the designer has brought to the thing, do you see what I mean? No? Well that's alright. Just think of it as a mirror, that'll confuse the hell out of 'em and you'll enjoy that, I'm sure.

Ha-ha! eeYeah!

Maybe . . . Maybe you'll enjoy it . We'll see . . .

So why have they gone to so much trouble? I wonder that. Don't you wonder about that? Yeah. The only answer I can come up with is they are after world dominion. Yeah. That's what it is. And that explains why they will sell techniques of behavioral advertising to Coke and Pepsi, but get really upset when the security of the test is compromised. Ha-ha! eeYeah. Seriously. They are afraid if you know how it all works then maybe you won't buy so much Coke, and that will in turn devalue the methods and thus hurt their sales potential and tarnish their own god like standing among the pillars of modern empire.

Ha-ha! That's it.

I'm not too worried though. No, no I'm not. And do you know why?

Because for a mass of people obsessed with world dominion they sure do spend an inordinate amount of time worrying over a bunch of butterflies, as if butterflies held the key or something. I mean, really, comon. What do butterflies know about world dominion?

It's just plain crazy, that's what it is. cr4zY!

© D. Winter
July 29, 2009

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Comment by ZenDog on July 29, 2009 at 8:22pm
omyG! LOL!

sounds like a new hollywood production!
Comment by Sarge! on July 29, 2009 at 7:06pm
Looks like a mutant shelless alien horseshoe crab with delusions of stealth. LOL
Comment by ZenDog on July 29, 2009 at 5:35pm

It isn't just an ink blot - o no. It's an ink blot with symetry. Some of those people are really weird.
Comment by Darkhairblueeyes on July 29, 2009 at 11:26am
I never did like coke and I dont drink pop (or soda whatever a person calls it)
...and I know they wouldn't like me...because I would tell them that it looks like someone spilled ink...and I'm not cleaning it up!



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