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Let’s face it, through a series of minor and small events, this day was never, ever going to get a Gold Star on my calendar of ways to start a major holiday weekend. It’s sort of like breaking your shoe lace just before you drop your morning toast butter-side down on a clean kitchen floor. Nothing major, just in toto major league annoying.
But there was something, some small part of me that always teeters one way or the other…that says ‘don’t give up, things will get better!’ (or worse on days like this!). So the best thing you can do when the crummies hit the day is to take a nap and let them find someone ELSE to annoy!
Well guess what? The crummies migrated North. On their way, they must have collected one heck of a swarm because by the time they hit Alaska, they were ready to dump what’s left of the repgulycant party right into the loo.
All sing “Ding dong the witch is dead….!!!!”
There are political pundits inside The Beltway who suggest that she’s really getting ready for a Big Push for 2012. That’s a bit far down the road and frankly, although I’m certain she has her coronation - er - inauguration gown already picked out (the designer at least), she should keep those Cinderella dreams to herself for awhile yet. Knowing how shallow she is, I’m quite certain that keeping such plans ‘quiet’ isn’t in her menu either.
Still others, a bit closer to home, suggest that there are legal investigations under way now that will make anything she’s been through to date look like a Sunday School picnic. That, too, remains to be seen.
It would be easy to suggest that the cRyght doesn’t like losers. Unfortunately, the late 20th century has been scattered with cRyghtwingnut losers attempting to make a political comeback of some sort or another. The most recent is Gnewt Gingrinch. Still, if they can’t keep themselves out of The Tabloid Zone, about the only lime light they’ll get is as standing jokes.
Now there are some pundits that suggest this empty noodle is stepping aside because she’s broke, and about to become very wealthy on the lecture, fund raising, talk show tour. Perhaps. More power to her. P.T. Barnum was right. I mean, after all, there are enough weirdoes and ignorant people to make even Rump Limpballs a millionaire many times over. So if she can soak unwashed, ignorant white men out of a few bucks, who only come in hopes her blouse will suddenly burst open for them…more power to her.
I mean, let’s face it, she is the current shining star of the mean and greedy party. If she can dupe those suckers into believing that she’s anything more than a Mrs. Gap mannequin, I wish her well.

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