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Reaching Out About Depression or ROAD is a free, community-based program created by neighborhood women for women who are suffering in low income communities with depression and its related issues.

By creating a network of support in the community, the ROAD program helps women who have experienced stress or depression understand that they are not alone, and offers strategies and resources to promote self-empowerment towards an improved quality of life.

ROAD offers leadership opportunities for women who join the network so that they can become future change agents and peer supports for their fellow ROAD members.

As a promising alternative support system for depression, ROAD will actively educate, train and influence the mental health provider community about the complex needs of the women ROAD serves.


1.Increase the knowledge and skills of low income women so that they have greater understanding of depression and its related issues.

2.Increase the network of support felt by low income women by building a ROAD community for peer support and help.

3.Enhance the feeling of personal empowerment of women participating in the ROAD program through peer support and leadership development.

4.Increase the access to resources needed by low income women so that they can deal with the multiple issues in their lives related to their stress and/or depression.

5.Facilitate changes in the knowledge, attitudes and practices of traditional mental health providers to be more responsive to the needs of low income women dealing with stress and/or depression.

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