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I'm a fuddy duddy. Yes it's true. So I forced myself to try Microsoft's new search engine Bing. I did a taste test: I searched for "FTP client torrent" on Bing. I got a list of commercial FTP client sites, and a link to the uTorrent client. Hurrah.

Then I googled the same thing. Got a link to the BulletProofFTP client with crack on Pirate Bay (still alive!). The link brought me to a torrent description. The torrent appeared to be valid, though "I did not download it, install it or the crack, nor did I check to see if it worked properly, nor did it take only 3 seconds to download".

So Bing is off my list. It appears to merge paid links with free links and puts the paid links first, with no differing marks between them. Google puts paid links in a separate group to the side or sometimes in a bold area at the top. Bing also seems better at identifying commercial relationships with what your looking for, which is great for vendors seeking better CRM and targeted consumer advertising, and for people looking to overpay for the most highly advertised and marked up products.

But not for me. Pfhhht to Microsoft. Its just Excite all over, without the pictures to make it seem more like Google. I'm not fooled, and I'm insulted.

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Comment by Kittycat on July 20, 2009 at 1:04pm
I was wondering what was sooo great about Bing. After reading this (you seem to know alot about this subject), I think I'll just stick with google. Thanks



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