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Prelude to a Kiss

I took a nap this evening when I got home from work.  Nothing unusual about that.  But I woke up dreaming about a kiss.  In the dream I was at a gathering with several friends, including a few from my undergraduate days at the university.  And there was one woman there that I knew slightly, and had known for some time.  But not anyone I recognize.  Kinda like an old friend, and kinda like an actress.  Maybe a bit like Helen Hunt.…


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Running Man News TV

I found out that Reality TV served up a new man of the hour -- Ben Richards.  Or maybe his name is George Zimmerman.  Or something like that.

I jest.  Ben Richards was the main character in the movie, "Running Man."  It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben Richards, the Running Man.  The action was set in 2019, six years from now.

"The Running Man" is…


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Enflamed in Babylon

When I first went to college (a community college) I majored in "Staying Out Of Vietnam."  I dropped out for a bit after "The Lottery" came up in my favor.  When I returned to college (at a nearby university) I needed to declare a major.  I had heard that "History" was an easy major.  I've always been a lazy man, so I chose history.  But mostly I studied girls and beer.

A decade later (but before I left my profession of "student") a friend came by my trailer and gave me a book: "The…


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Salty Camping

In a group where I am a member, someone posted a message about camping, and last night I posted a reply.  And something about camping became a part of the dream I was having when I awoke this morning.

I was with an aunt (the only one left alive), and she told me that her son had been released from federal prison (drugs). I hadn't seen him since he became a fugitive from justice 20 years ago, and I told my aunt that I would like to see him.  When I said that he stepped from behind a…


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Our "farmers market" is open, and I went there this morning.  The couple from down around Carbondale was there, and they had tomatoes from their garden.  Heaven on earth!!!  I bought a big bag full of tomatoes.  I just love tomatoes!  Not the hydroponic kind, though.  But real garden-grown tomatoes are the bee's knees!  I had tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches for supper.

Here's a link as an obscure reference to Liza Minnelli, a beautiful tomato:…


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