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The Valentine Dedication Countdown Begin-Eth.

Some of you know that I DJ at a local radio station. Every year, I invite all TBD'ers to request a song (and dedication, if desired) to their own hunka hunka burnin' love that I can play on the air during the VD show, which will be Sunday, February the 12th. You and yer sweetie can listen in, live on the internet, or wait until I've archived the broadcast and posted it here. It's free, it's romantic and is generally better than anything on TV that night.

(BTW - VD =…


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His day job is a crawlspace inspector.

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RIP Alex Chilton.

Yeah, I know, "Who?"

Suffice to say - Alex Chilton was great because he followed his muse while others would have continued to beat a dead horse. It took a special talent to achieve such success at so young an age, and to be clear-eyed enough to see it for what it was - which was Not Much. A gifted composer who trusted neither his own talent or the reactions it drew, no prior songwriter had so dared to invert the ethos of the modern pop song - To deliver, instead of bliss and a cheap… Continue

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Elvis is STILL dead.

But I may be able to get him rotating in his grave like a wind turbine, if this post generates half the attention that I think it could,,,

What did that guy mean to you, anyway? I see him mainly as the perfect encapsulation of what's wrong with the American Dream: That the American Dream is NOT set up for the well-being of the American citizenry themselves, but solely for the financial gain of a select few. No matter how revolutionary your idea, no matter how enlightening or… Continue

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So, what exactly should we call ourselves now?

Ning-A-Ding-Lings? Ningompoops? Ningbats? OpeNING Statements? Ningleberries?

Added by Snagg on July 24, 2009 at 3:53pm — 7 Comments

After two days, I'm still a little depressed about this.......

I was in a drug store Monday evening (the 20th - hint, hint), and while filling out the check the perfectly nice young female clerk helpfully offered the day's date.

I told her, "Thanks, but I knew that one. Big Trivia Fan here."

First Bad Sign: Her reply - "Huh?"

I drew a breath and asked her if she knew what world-famous event had occurred on that day, forty years earlier, that was the cause of newspaper reports and tv segments and talk radio debates and… Continue

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This is getting ridiculous.

If I were a superstitious man, I'd start to think that my ex was still placing curses on me....

But then, I remember that she could never do anything right - So it's just more of the usual Weird Luck...and one very sick fiancee. Gotta stick to those priorities...

I sincerely hope to be back on the air next Sunday. My apologies to all that tried to listen in....

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Sonic Youth, St Louis, Mo, 7/17/09

My, My - What a difference thirty years makes.

Not for Sonic Youth, exactly - They have remained remarkably dedicated to their vision of experimentalism, musical independence, the beauty that can be found in the tension between extremes, and squalling, ear-shattering racket.

Maybe that was a part of the point; A band whose staked-out territory is usually thought of as heaving, sweaty clubs and gnarly, art-damaged New York critical discussions, playing a free show on the… Continue

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WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, June 28th, 2009...

"Character" / "Wild America", Iggy Pop

"Revolution In Apt. 29", Wayne Kramer

"America" (Francis Scott Key), Lou Reed

"American Roulette", Robbie Robertson

"Are You Glad To Be In America?", James Blood Ulmer

"This Land Is Your Land", Woody Guthrie

"One Big Happy Family", Tonio K

"Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash), Steve Tombstone

"Hey, Good Lookin'"… Continue

Added by Snagg on July 7, 2009 at 4:00pm — 125 Comments



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