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http://www.eons.com/homepage (our alternate address)....

The Grind has been opened new every morning on TBD for 16 months and this
is no exception. But with TBD/NING's inability to resolve it's posting
problems, we invite you to spend part of your day with us at The Daily
Grind TOO!, at http://www.eons.com/homepage
where we are number one on the top 25 list. Hopefully, NING will get
it's issues resolved this morning or soon and we can continue to meet

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Well it's working in the middle of the night.
This is a post from the founder, Robin Wolaner's profile. I suggest we take her advice and hammer NING for a while, but be "The Velvet Hammer" not the sledge.

The problem is of course, Where is the Help button that she claims is on the bottom of every page. Perhaps it is on the Appology page? It sure is not on this one. And it is not the "Members Help with NING" at the top right. That just takes you to Robins Group.

* Added by Robin Wolaner on January 20, 2010 at 7:39am

So many of you have sent me/the other moderators complaints about the site's technical problems - but we have no control over them, and the only hope for resolution is to get ning's attention. Click the Help button at the bottom of every page, and follow the path to let Ning know. The button on the error messages comes to TBD moderators, who cannot resolve this. Please raise your voices to Ning, they seem unaware of their issues (even though I have notified them, as have others -- it takes a village).

Last updated by Robin Wolaner 16 hours ago
So far it seems to be working. . . I'll be at both places most of the day and I'll be babysitting the wee one instead of working, so I'll be around when I can.
Good Morning

looking good

can you smell it?.............smells like friday is close!
Hi Jolene! One more day.
good morning ((((((((( cat}}}}}}}}} and cuppa ((((((Jolene)))))))
afternoon Robert
Good Morning Friends
Good morning DG'ers!!!
Good morning. Things seem to be working this morning but my hopes have been up before. I am having coffee and a blueberry muffin. Breakfast of Champions, right.
I guess I will go over to Eons and check in there too.
looks like it LK, but don't hold your breath!!!
Hellooooooo... just checking to see if ning is working today.....




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