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The Grind has been opened new every morning on TBD for 16 months and this is no exception. But with TBD/NING's inability to resolve it's posting problems, we invite you to spend part of your day with us at The Daily Grind TOO!, at http://www.eons.com/homepage where we are number one on the top 25 list. Hopefully, NING will get it's issues resolved this morning or soon and we can continue to meet here.

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Opps thought she went home

Good Morning everybody now that I have your attention
Anyone seen the time out chair?

Posting seems to be a bit of a problem here have to get the girls to school but when get back I'll try to get in here again or accross the street at DG2 or at last ersort FB Later
Don't think anybody will see that BUZZ Took five trys to get back in here sincerely doubt others will try that hard I'll be accross the street
Good Morning all

Looks like this is the only spot alive today

Hope you don't mind I grab some coffee on my way out.
Just checking see if anybody else was able to get in here
Well I managed to get in with fairly less trouble then the last few days, so perhaps things are improving...(we can always hope, anyway)........:) Have a Great Day Grinder's!
i got in with no trouble, good morning all. What do you think of the new ads we are getting on the right side of the page?
Don't trust the ad's clicked on one for electric cig to try for free, nope it was'nt***99 buck with monthly fee around 50.00, more expensive than going to their site and buying out right. Still having trouble getting into posts on ning!!
hello is some one hear




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