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Our dear friend caseyjo passed away on June 26, 2012. 

She had been bravely battling illness for quite some time, but when her cancer spread to her liver, her struggle ended.

If anyone has memories, thoughts or more information, please leave a comment, so that we can share the joy of having known her.

We'll miss the craziness!!

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When I think of caseyjo I remember a very loving and sensitive woman.  She had been on TBD for as long as I remember and she bravely contributed her own opinions without hesitation.  When caseyjo got upset, she took it as an opportunity to reconsider her point of view and to ponder the other side of things.  She had the rare ability to see through the eyes of others and to accept that we are all different and that our reactions are born from our own environments and personal histories.

She was giving and forgiving...and she taught me the wisdom of self reflection.

We will miss you, Kathy.  Thank-you for being an important part of our site.

I will miss caseyjo's posts, and am very sad to have lost another TBD friend to death.


Thank you for letting us know, EddieDingo.

I'm sorry to hear of Kathy's passing.  She brought a unique perspective to the topics she commented on.  

I particularly enjoyed the following.


The trunk was rescued from oblivion, and had a few days of fame.  I liked that. 

Today I am grateful to have known caseyjo.  She was a passionate, caring woman.  All of us in Teebeedee were lucky to have her choose to stay when the going got tough.  I am also grateful that her page is still here and all of her discussion comments so we can go back to appreciate her even now.

I am grateful that she has left us that legacy.

I'm sorry to hear that caseyjo has lost the battle she so bravely fought. 

ahh sweet girl yuo loved rock n' roll so deeply. I'm thinking that yuo are "With the Band" now. ~

                                                                               So mote it be

Perfect!  I think she is too, DD.

I am sorry to hear of caseyjo's passing.  She and I got on each other's bad side at first, and we tussled every now and then.  But I soon saw that she was pure gold, regardless of her sometimes reactions, and after that it became impossible not to like her, no matter our arguments.  I am thankful that in the end we seemed to like each other.  I am glad to think that our last words to each other were words of affection between friends who had come to appreciate each other through conflict turned to love and respect.  She was a special person.  

I am very sorry to hear about Kathy's passing (at this late date). I've always felt a kinship with her even if our views may clash at times. Kathy was a beautiful soul. May her memories linger with us in spirit.





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