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I've become increasingly less tolerant of people saying things that don't make sense, or that are not based in truth or fact.

It seems to me that sometimes some people simply don't think about what they're saying, and say things that are sorely lacking in logic.

It's one of the few instances which lends me to being sarcastic. Or at least THINKING sarcastically.

Here's an example; it's an AP article I just picked up off of Yahoo news.


ANAHEIM, Calif. – They shared a stage at Disneyland five days a week for nearly three decades and died within a day of each other.

Betty Taylor, who played Slue Foot Sue in Disney's long-running Golden Horseshoe Revue, passed away Saturday — one day after the death of Wally Boag, who played her character's sweetheart, Pecos Bill.

The 91-year-old Taylor died at her home in Washington state, Disneyland announced on its web site. Boag, who was 90, died Friday. He was a resident of Santa Monica, Calif.

The causes of death were not announced and attempts to contact relatives for comment were not immediately successful.

"Betty's role as leading lady in Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue helped turn it into the longest-running stage show in entertainment history," George Kalogridis, the president of Disneyland Resort, said in a statement. `'It is a tragic coincidence that her passing comes just one day after the death of longtime co-star Wally Boag."


"It is a tragic coincidence...." 


Why is it tragic? She was 91, he 90. Does he think their deaths were untimely?? How does he even know it was a coincidence? Maybe they had a strong connection after working together every day for decades & it was no coincidence at all. And even if it is a coincidence, why is it "tragic"? Maybe it's poetic, sweet, logical. Who knows? I don't think that Disneyland Resort President knows. I think he was talking out his.... well. That just gets my goat, that's all.


Do you have examples of this? Of something else that pops your tolerance bubble? Makes you wanna smack someone? 

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Anything that comes out of Sara Palin's mouth.

Here's another one: My grandmother died 3 months shy of her 95th birthday.

Some time after her death my mother said to me, "Mother was taken before her time."

I busted out laughing. I said something to the effect of, "WHAT?!? She was almost 95 - what did you expect her to do, live to be 150?" Mother laughed about it. I guess my laughter was infectious. It struck me as so ridiculous that I just couldn't stop laughing.


I"ve heard this before and just heard it again yesterday...


"It came as a complete surprise when I found out I was pregnant?"



Immaculate conception?


here's another one:

At a meeting last week, theft was being discussed & someone said that the way a particular item that had a high rate of theft was addressed was by putting less stock out at a time. I asked how putting less stock out at a time could reduce or prevent theft. The response was that w/less stock out the sales staff could keep a better inventory of it. I asked how the staff keeping a better inventory of it could reduce or prevent theft. The person basically just changed the subject & moved on w/out answering me.

Is it me, or does that just not make sense??

No ......makes no sense. But it does show the lack of common sense of the person in charge.

Obviously he/she didn't have the "answer book' close by....you know the one that has all the standard answers so they don't have to think.

Work stupidity could take up pages and pages and pages...


I had a large order of one particular part. I had to check with the production manager so that I didn't completely deplete the stock.

He said I couldn't have ANY. I asked why, he said, "because someone else might need them later." Huh?

I said, "make more." He responded, "Then what happens if we have too many?"

I walked away, entered the order, and listened to him screaming for a week and a half.




Here's your sign.

It's a comedy skit that a comedian did about people doing stupid things.... "Here's your sign"

like... if someone does something stupid, really they should have a sign warning people that they're stupid. Hence, "here's your sign."

nm... I can't remember the exact details well enough to articulate it. ;-p

Trust me, it's funny.

It is Bill Engnall,

That was the title, I guess I should have watched the whole thing. Here's my sign

lol! no, that doesn't count! It was titled "Here's Your Sign" - what were you 'sposed to think? I think it took until Part IV to get to it. I just finished watching it, and am laying in bed, laughing out loud. I've been thinking about "Here's your sign" all week. It's hilarious to watch him do it. And affirming to know that I'm not alone in being frustrated by stupid people.

...I need to come up w/a good Bill Engvall response to, "Is it hot enough for ya?"

...no, I'd rather be burning in hell right now, but I guess I'll just have to settle on sweltering in 100 degree heat w/90% humidity.

...here's your sign.




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