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Bits and pieces of sound advice....

Give it to me...I need some to pass on to my sons that I seem to have been remiss.

  1. "A parent's only as good
    as their dumbest kid. If one wins a Nobel Prize but the other gets
    robbed by a hooker, you failed."

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Everything that your sons need to know about life are contained in two books and two movies.
I suggest that they study them with lackadaisical intensity. It has worked for me.
Alice In Wonderland
To Kill A Mockingbird
Smokey and The Bandit
and The Princess Bride
No need to clutter their minds with anything more.
The next time I feel lackadaisical I shall peruse this interesting list.....which are the movies?
Three of them are books, and also movies.
I suggest reading Alice, as there has never been a good movie made of it.
Read Mockingbird first and then see the movie.
I think that you can skip the Princess book and go straight to the movie.
Smokey was a film script, so you have no choice there.
Thank you WOB....we shall see what we shall see....
"Your mother made a batch of meatballs last night. Some are for you, some are for me, but more are for me. Remember that. More. Me."
I feel that way about bacon....seriously...really....do NOT touch the effing bacon!!!!
You're such a woman after my own heart, darling Jaylee. xox
Love (Click Me)
Just for you Tay....
"Never stand behind a coughing cow." Advice from my grandpa.
"Don't make love by the garden gate. Love is blind but your neighbours ain't!"
The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

- Vincent van Gogh
"Never kick a cow chip on a hot day."




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