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Most of us use the word "hate" without a thought as to how strong a word it really is. Like "I hate that guy!" when referring to an actor whose work you don't like. You don't really 'hate' him. So my question is, can you name 3 things in your life that you actually hate?

I can name one to get it started.  I HATE the taste of liver!

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Being ignorant and proud of it, like it's some sort of accomplishment.

When you find out something wasn't worth fixing...Right after you paid good money to fix it.

Being taken advantage of.
Hey Snagg, I agree with you "being ignorant and proud of it" is right up there on the top 10 list.
Nails on a chalkboard
Fox News

1. mean people

2. unfairness

3. ignorance

The neighbor's oak trees that drop leaves, acorns, sap, and bird poop all over my car and the driveway.



fire ants

FIRE ANTS!!! How could I have not said fire ants. I walked barefoot through a nest about 5 or 6 years ago. it took six months for my feet to get back to normal.

What's really fun is to drop a tomato horn worm right on the middle of a mound and watch business pick up.

Gotta be more fun than sticking your foot in!!

"Spect so...

piontless arguement

yelling (at me), yelling at a baseball game is fne.


flying coach.....




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