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......when I'm gone?


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Oh, it not THAT,  I'll be off line a couple of days, and in the meantime, thought you might like hear a Carter tune.


Have fun kids.

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Sorry, that didn't embed right.
I will miss everyone. I will be offline for several days too.
Dang, I will be wandering around here, because I never get a day off.

Have fun and be safe. See you when you get back.
Mama Maybelle has a way with a song. Back in the 80's I was in the hospital for some sort of ailment and she was my next door neighbor. Johnny and June came to visit her pretty often. She died not long after that but I recovered.
I hope you re-send the link when you get back here!!!! I'll miss you until then.
I thought I was the only Carter fan around. Quaint-sounding now.
Now, Stir, this song is full of "permanent separation." Hard to ignore when it's in practically every line!

Nope you're not the only fan, I have the Carter Family In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain monster box set.

Thanks funes....I note that June wasn't singing on this....that might've been a good thing! LOL!
Thanks rt! Oh yeah, that was a "cryin' or dyin' or goin' somewhere" song for sure.
Good grief.....promises, promises.
You know you'll never go away for long....we need you here. Jeez....sometimes you are #3 or #4!! Sometimes you are the only one keeping the door open and the lights on!!!
Don't miss us too much while you're off in the north woods....miss us just enough.
Take care and stay away from funky looking 'shrooms....:-D
OK, I'm back.....carry on.




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