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Will people ever catch on to my habit of including statements here......

......that are thinly diguised as questions?


Yup, that was one of 'em.


Well, after a year and eight months of mostly being unemployed, tomorrow I start working at a real job again.  That's right, I'll be re-entering my career field.


Oh, it'll be different this time.  I'm taking a job that will be for only about twenty hours a week, no benefits, and much less pay than I used to make.  Its "welcome to the new, leaned down American workplace".


I've been getting by OK, I went on Social Security last year, and I've qualified for unemployment as long as I've been out of work.  In fact, I still have about fifteen weeks of unused unemployment left.


But ya know what?  I feel absolutely energized about going back to work.  I'm looking forward to it.


Ya see, when I lost my job (my employer closed the doors and went out of business), it really disrupted my retirement plans.  I really wanted to go when I wanted to go.  I guess I was like a lot of other Boomers.  It was a real reality check to suddenly be dumped out of the workforce, and slowly realize that nobody really wanted an aging person who was used to good money, good benefits, and had limited computer skills.


Well, I'm back Baby!  Lets see where this next turn in life takes me!


Uh, in the mean time, my new employer may not appreciate me checking in on the TBD/Ning on company time, so I'll limit my contributions to the times other than my work hours.


So, tomorrow morning, as Mick Jagger once advised in the song "Dear Doctor", I'll "put my suit on, pull my socks up, and comb my long hair down".


And I'll keep ya posted.



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I am glad for you Stir. My lose of a job was by my own choice and I have adjusted fine but somedays, not many, I do wish I could step back into a classroom. I get over that feeling pretty quick most of the time.
In a couple of weeks, I may be thinking that same way, PA!
Congrats Stir.
I'll miss you, but I'm happy for you.
What will you be doing, if you don't mind my asking?
Thanks Quinn. I'll still be here plenty, just not 24/7. HaHaHa!

I've worked in the title insurance bidness for several years. I research real property in the public records prior to sales or mortgages. The whole thing went into the crapper when the real estate market collapsed.
Good luck, my friend.
Thanks Bob!
Congratulations, Stir. So happy for you!
My unsolicited advice is to keep up the writing and check into the Teeb! We don't care if your socks are up and your hair is down...or was that socks down and hair up? Anyway, have a great new work life.
Thanks rt! You're always offering me positive thoughts and advice, and I appreciate it greatly. I don't think the work will impact writing in any negative fashion.
That's great news, Stir - Congratulations! It's the best of both worlds -- working and still have time for TBD!
Thanks D.D. Yep, I expect it will indeed be the best of both worlds.
Congrats, Stir, and good luck! I'm about 2 weeks ahead of you. I just started a "real" job again, too, & boy, am I working my butt off!! :-P I hope you have it a little easier than I'm having it. But I'm grateful & glad to have a job w/steady hours & good benefits.
Congrats to you too, Deez! I expect I'll have rust trickling out of my ears for a while. At least I'll have have some recouping time, what with it being part time.




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