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Can you guess who these tbder's are? They hang out in Q&A & the Forum.

I've had a little creative fun today w/an avatar maker.

Please bear with me, as the program had lots of limitations, so I often could not

get the features right, but I tried my best. 



...and if there are any tbders whom I missed that have your pics as your avatars & would like me to make one for you, please let me know. Or send me a pic if you want. Or create one yourself. The site is www.faceyourmanga.com




And now for a little guessing game.... who are these avatars?? '-)

Tags: Does this avatar make my butt look big?, Is that who I think it is?, Oh, you look mahvelous today!

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yes, Robbie - you got it.

Good likeness, d's girl!  I have blue eyes, though.

I love seeing everyone's new avatar!  You did good!

thank you, Goldi! I'm gonna go make a blue-eyed one for you & will post it on the comment wall of your profile page.


Thank you, d's girl, I really like it and am using it now!
keep guessing. Her hair's nicer & fuller IRL; just couldn't manage it w/the avatar program.
Faye, plural


Yay, P.A.! You got it - our lovely Faye, et.al.

Lady  GaGa??

is she on here???




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