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I just had four days to run away before I'm back in class for the summer. I went on a 'fly by the seat of my pants' trip to see a couple of cool friends in Tennessee and Kentucky. My nine year old daughter and I camped in a tiny tent and cooked food over a wood fire. We hiked trails and saw the local sites in big cities and small towns.


If you had four days to drive - not fly - where would you go, and what would you do?

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I suppose it would depend on what kind of car you have.
You're trip sounds like fun and your daughter is a beauty! [are those all Pez dispensers? :-)]

I think I would head to New York state. I'd like to explore the Hudson Valley more. Ramble through all the little villages checking out the art and artists. Maybe catch a glimpse of the Headless Horseman :-)
I am leaving for Williamburg, VA tomorrow and will be there for a week. I love to visit that place and so does Caleb. I guess it is the history teacher in me. Later this summer we are going to Hilton Head, SC for a week at the beach. I also love Hilton Head because it is so relaxing.
Quinn, make sure you visit Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, the Vanderbilt Mansion National Park, and the
Eleanor Roosevelt Historic Site. They are within 10 miles of one another. Stay away from Sleepy Hollow. :-)
Thanks Kate, I love posts like this. I love pics of my friends' activities.

Question Kate: Was Pickle a gentleman? Tell the truth!
Pickle was even kinder and more good looking in person. That's all I'm sayin'. :)
Kainsworth, your daughter is adorable. She looks so cute peeking out of that dinosaur's mouth...lol It would appear that the two of you had a great time.

I think I'll pass on a 4 day trip for now. Our roadtrip this winter was enough for now. Ask me that question again later in the summer or fall... :)
Just got back from Chase City, Virginia helping a friend move to his new house. He had to retire because of COPD and really needed the help, so I did it for him, that what Union Brother's do.
Well, from my house its only about 4 hours to the Soo Locks in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan (and Ontario on the Canadian side). I know, I know, I've mentioned that before. For some reason, thats my favorite place to go, so in four days, I would be able to spend three days there. I also love the rest of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and could have a lot of fun there in four days.

It looks like you trip was a great one, and I love to "fly by the seat of my pants" when traveling.
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I would rent a house on Cape Cod....or Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.....I just love the East Coast. I can spend hours walking the beaches and taking in the history there. Must have saltwater in my blood..;-).
K, your daughter is beautiful...like her Mom.
It doesn't really matter where a vacation is taken....memories just come along. My kids recall the most obscure things from the past vacations we took...I mostly recall room service...!




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