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Heare are the views looking out the windshield.

Why are you people carrying torches and a noose? I'm just tying to bring a little hope and joy to the frozen North.



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I'll bring the tar and feathers.

Look at that sky. And that water *sigh*


Here's what my neighborhood looked like last week. It doesn't look much better this week...


Blees your heart.......really. :=)
That is a beautiful church on the left.

That's the church I attend.

Ya gotta love the Catholics [or not :-)]...In the mid 1800's they came to my town, but the powers to be said they didn't want any Catholics in their town.

You can't see it, but there's a street between that church and the house to its right.

At that time the town ended at that street. So, the Catholics came in and built their church "outside" of town. For years, it was the tallest structure in the town and wherever you were you could see the spire.


We joke that our street should be named "Church Street", there are six of them in a three block radius.

Wow, can you walk to Mass, Quinn? I've had this fantasy for years now of living somewhere quaint like that where I could walk to Mass.

I can.

I love the area I live in, it's the Historic District and the homes are beautiful. It's three blocks off the city center of my community. There are two beautiful parks, a number of restaurants--from fine dining to hot dogs, a great little pub type bar, a liquor store, a small grocer,a small community theater, a small art gallery...

I love being able to walk or bike when I have errands.


And, I am 30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia...

That is awesome, Quinn! I lived in a quaint little village when I lived in SE Michigan. It was so cool. We lived in a big, beautiful 100 year old home, downtown, only a block or so off the city center. I loved walking everywhere, too. But the Catholic Church w/b/t 2 towns, not in our village, so it wasn't walkable. There was a Methodist church & some other church that were. Those Protestants! hrmmmpf. (I grew up Protestant, I can say that '-)
I want to live there. Here you have to drive to use the bathroom. Well maybe not that bad but you can't walk anywhere but to the neighbor's houses.
I can walk to the neighbors' houses, P.A., but there probably won't be anybody home when I get there.  Most of them are owned by "summer people".  I'm about seven miles from my nearest village....the home of the donut shop and the other places I mention from time to time.

I know, P.A.! Southern suburbs. Yuck. I grew up in them. I live in one now. My experience in SE Michigan in that quaint little village, where I walked to Starbucks, a nice little restaurant or 2, the PIE store!, the bank, the post office - it was great. We lived downtown, literally, and our next door neighbor was the Police Dept. & Village Offices. It was great. The cops used to pull me over just to mess w/me. If we weren't gonna get home early enough to let the dogs out, I'd call the Village Clerk & say, "Hey, Mo, can you go next door & let the dogs out before you go home?" She loved doing it. A couple of the cops used to walk in my back door w/out knocking & just shout as they came in. They would come over looking for food. '-) Once, one of them called us when we weren't home & asked if he could have some leftovers from our fridge. My ex said sure, where was he? He said, "I'm standing in front of your fridge." lol "-D

Oh - probably the funniest... I swear this is a true story. This motley crew of us used to play Mexican Train Dominoes on Saturday nights @ Starbucks. One teenaged girl who didn't drive yet didn't live in the village, but several miles away. One night, when my ex was out of town, I offered to drive the girl home after Dominoes so her parents didn't have to drive back to pick her up. We ran by my house first to let my dogs out & I just left them in the backyard, w/the garage door ajar, b/c I wouldn't be gone long. I take the girl home, come back home, and there's a bizarre msg. on my answering machine. One of the cops had seen the garage door open & no car in the driveway. So he went into my house & did a walk through to make sure everything was okay. It was dark in the house, so he used his flashlight to look around instead of turning lights on. The next day, a neighbor called to tell me that she'd seen a light from a flashlight flashing around each room of my darkened house. So she called the police. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! The dispatcher called the officer on duty to report the suspicious light in my house & of course the cop says, "It's me." LOL!!!

Life in Mayberry. I loved it.

I really really really like where I live. Come on up...if you can stand the weather :-)

Can I come up in the summer? And you can come down here when it's spring here, but still winter up there, for a break. Katidid did it in March last year - we had a ball! '-) And the weather was so nice, we rode around in Little White, topless.


the car, I mean; not Katidid & me. 




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