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What food don't you like?




Tags: Green Eggs & Ham, anchovies, grits (Q!), ketchup, peas

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Yes, it can.
Yes it can, if it's boiled - talk about slimy!

o, Robbie, do you do that too?

The food on your plate can't touch? I know four men who are like that.

Do you eat one thing at a time too?

Caleb eats one thing at a time and does not like his food to touch. I have no such problems.

I used to be that way, but now I don't worry about it very much. Being really hungry with very little to eat or very little time to eat what was available pretty much cured me of that idiosyncracisie.

But if my choice was limited to the 4 above; I would only eat two of them and there would be preconditions.

caseyjo! That was just mean, putting "okra" & "oysters" in the same sentence!

ewwww..... I have to go now, too.....

Please, no lutefisk for me, despite my one-half Swedish heritage.
no kimchi, tyvm.
I love kimchi. It's usually red.
Cannoli or tiramisu





Food catastrophy? What'd I miss?




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