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What food don't you like?




Tags: Green Eggs & Ham, anchovies, grits (Q!), ketchup, peas

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yuck, do people really eat that? I eat banana and peanut butter sandwiches but not fried in butter like Elvis.
I think it's common in the Midwest..I think Snagg and Ubu have eaten that ;(
The first formal job I ever had was cleaning motel rooms on weekends when I was in High School. My pay consisted of something like $.75 an hour and lunch. I hated the job. I lasted about two weeks. Then one day I sat down to lunch. It was two Mayonnaise and banana sandwichs. I collected my pay and never went back. 

My sentiments.


They were...I think we're 50/50 on those. You may have tilted the scale though...

I thought I clicked on "Bakers Dozen"


While I'm here...no cous cous for me, thank you very much.

cous cous is just pasta isn't it?

Yea, but it's little grainy, pebbley...yuck


Most of my food issues have to do with texture rather than taste.

Soft boiled eggs, homeny,  okra,  & oysters.
I hope you didn't let them touch each other before you ate them.  Also hope the Oysters were fried and smothered in Ketsup.

Just the thought.......I have to go now...:)



okra can't possibly taste as bad as it sounds.




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