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Pants, jacket, shirt?  I have .81 and a  grocery receipt in my hoodie and my wallet in my back pocket. What are you packin'?

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One hand
Perv ;)
The other one is giving a peace sign  : D
No irony there.
Bring back some pie.
car keys and a wallet
So, P.A. has keys and wallet, Kooner has an expense account. Just need to go pick up some folks and get some shopping in.

I am not able to answer this question since I have no pockets right now.

If I wear pockets later I'll come back and let you know what's in them...

TY Q. Looking forward to your report.
A Natural Grocers Citrus lip balm.
Now that my hand is in my pocket, a pool cue and $36.00 cash. Rack em! LOL




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