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Suggestions anyone?

Right now take-out Chinese sounds good. Except my favorite place doesn't deliver and I don't want to go out. In the heat. And the rain. And the Tornado warning.


Do you like Chinese food?




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Welcome to my world...
George and I had spaghetti tonight.
Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.

My friends husband was hungry for comfort food so she is cooking. And, I benefit from that :-)
Lucky you!

Avocado salad, risotto with zucchini and ham. Just getting ready to slice up a nectarine for a bedtime dessert snack.
Chez, you eat so well. I enjoy reading what you've had for dinner. ;-)

I'm having pan-seared Silverbrite Salmon & leftover Thai. As I type this.
And again no Vadelia onions. What has happened to you?
Oh, PA, it's heartbreaking - Vidalia onion season is obviously over! I went to the grocery store this afternoon & there wasn't a Vidalia onion to be found anywhere! ah. it's a sad day.

I did buy a bag of Sweet Yellow Onions, grown in the U.S... but they won't be the same as Vidalias. No onion is that good.
Tonight I stopped at the Deli/Pizza Joint and got a chicken sammich....very good, I must say. Then I went to a lecture about a ship that sunk in Lake Michigan 150 years ago. It was held in the school auditorium.

We do stuff like that in small towns.
You do lead an exciting life. I'm going to start living vicariously through you. Well, not literally of course.
LOL! Smart Guy!!!
Rice pasta with a white wine and caper sauce.
Spinich and assigio cheese sausages.




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