TBD on Ning


Merlot or hard cider.... Merlot or hard cider....?


Could be book or TV... book or TV....?


Shower or not... Shower or not....?


TBD or fb... TBD or fb...?




Chores or read a magazine...


Laundry or clean the kitchen...


Crossword or Sudoku...


What's for After Dinner?

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pssst.... Quinn... have we freaked out the boys yet?
Nah we are just watching the Pickers
*...so am I....sorry*
All right!!!!!

P.A.... you didn't bat an eye at all that girl talk! ;-p


...and what the hell, or who the hell, are "Pickers"??


I don't care. I have to go to bed.


g'night. xox

"Pickers" want all the stuff you carefully collected all your life...for a song.


Sleep well...dear D's

George loves that show.  I don't care for it.
We're seasoned professionals......takes more than that to freak us out.
Unless there's a bunch of those "end of the world" prophesy shows on History Channel tonight, I plan on spending some time in the virtual world and TBD/Ning. 

After Dinner?


Occasionally a glass of red wine - specific type varies. Often a chat with friends or the occasional random contact on Ham radio. Sometime messing with a Nintendo DS game the "kids" got me interested in. Later followed by plenty of ZZZZZZzzzzzz....

Finishing off a hard cider, letting the dogs out for their "bedtime out" & then to bed is my after dinner tonight.

I had mr. hottie after dinner last night.








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