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If you can't decide, rank them from 1 to 10.

Let's see.

1. Twin Peaks

2. Star Trek

3. Miami Vice

4. Picket Fences

5. Hill Street Blues

6. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

7. Bonanza

8. Dead Like Me

9. Dark Shadows

10. Taxi



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No order here:

Twin Peaks...Ayuh, Robbie. (The "ayuh" is going back to my New England roots. :>))

Project Runway and Top Chef (OKAY...so stone me...)

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Star Trek

St. Elsewhere

Twilight Zone (Rod Serling)

Way Out

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Outer Limits

I, Claudius (Loves me some Derek Jacobi.)

Brideshead Revisited

Dark Shadows (Most fun, worst acting ever.)

The Avengers (Yup, Emma Peel years.)

Absolutely Fabulous

Are You Being Served?

Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)

The Vicar of Dibley (first couple of seasons)

Black Adder

Waiting For God


Apparently, I'm an Anglophile and counting impaired...As Ed McMahon would say, "I did not know that!"








What, no Fawlty Towers with John Cleese?

In no particular order....

The Range Rider



The Yellow Rose


Hill Street Blues


Miami Vice



Twin Peaks.....

probably more......I'll get back to you.


Oh, i forgot......the best cop drama since NYPD Blue......Detroit 187. Great cast, great writing and already cancelled
My wife always said I was an Italian styled Ralph Kramden so I'll have to say The Honeymooners.
Dr. Quinn  Medicine Woman

Don't know if I can get to ten but I will start and finish later.

Old Shows                                                                        New Shows

Seinfeld                                                                            NCIS

The Waltons                                                                     Big Bang Theory

Happy Days                                                                       American Pickers

MASH                                                                                The Daily Show with John Stewart

                                                                                         Atlanta Braves Baseball



If I'm going way back...

The Red Skelton Show

Phil Silvers

McHales Navy

The Honey Mooners

Sky King

The Lone Ranger

Top Cat

The Three Stooges


Wagon Train


Many of these were my Dads vavorites.......Out of this bunch I loved lassy & Top CAT

In no order whatsoever...


"Space Ghost Coast To Coast"

"Late Night with David Letterman"


"Twin Peaks"

"Monty Python's Flying Circus"

"Homicide: Life On The Streets"

The first three or four years of "Saturday Night Live"


"Better Off Ted"

The first three or four years of "The X Files"


I learned most of my history from MR. Peabody.






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