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I'm not all that experimental when it comes to food.  I'm even less experimental when it comes to urine.

The Chinese are currently enjoying a treat called Virgin Boy Eggs, which are simply eggs boiled in urine collected from little boys.  Eating them is supposed to keep you well.

Just hearing about them makes me unwell.





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UUhhhh, Slim.....I can't, no wait....it's just that...well, you know...................

Let me get back to you on this.

Considering the source, that story just pisses me off.

Okay, now then........nope......still no comment worth verblizing.

I'll 'pass' on this one also.

Well, about all I have to say on the subject is this:

Back when I was in high school, one of my buddies worked evenings for a fast food joint.  He claimed that a guy...a coworker, I presume, once peed in the deep fryer.

After that story, I never, ever went to that fast food joint again.

As I got older, though, I started doubting the veracity of that story.  It seems to me that if the pee-er did that while the cooking oil was hot, he might have needed to make a fast trip to the nearest emergency room.  If he did it while the oil was cold, someone would have noticed it before firing up the fryer again.

I'm thinking now that the story was simply another urban myth, and I'm not sure it has much to do with Slim's question.

Not sure either, Stir, but fear not.....we all let our fingers fly across the keyboard from time to time with good intensions only to realize after hitting the 'reply' button that we didn't lend any assistance what-so-ever to the thread, but it shore was fun puttin' it out there.

Fact in point.....all urine is sterile when it leaves the body.......if that helps any.

That being said.....they eat some really weird stuff in China even if it's not peed on first.

This reminds me of a traveler's tale told by my ex, a China scholar.

He was traveling in the interior of China where he ordered a sea cucumber dish from the menu of a restaurant.  After he became ill and was questioned about what he had eaten immediately prior, it turns out that the sea cucumber was delivered to the restaurant in a desiccated/dried  state and was reconstituted out back of the restaurant by a cook urinating on it.  He was told that he should never eat seafood in restaurants away from the coast in China as this form of "prepping" dried sea cucumber was fairly typical.

That may not have been the immediate cause of Prof. T's tummy trouble, but it made a great story to tell at future meals.  He is always open to trying new "delicacies", so I'm sure there are other stories that I haven't heard yet.

I was kind of hoping this one would go off topic.

In THAT case...you're a freaking genius...provocative as well.

Hahahahahaha...this whole freakin' reply is hilarious!  Great wit, Bob!!


Has anyone here ever eaten "Hog's Head Cheese"? The second time?

I ate 3 raw oysters once. It was in a raw bar on a pier at Biloxi, MS. I made it to the edge of the pier and gave them back to the bay. I had had a few drinks previously. I have eaten some pretty yucky stuff in places like Viet Nam, Turkey, Southern Italy, and of course in the mountains of West Virginia, where I grew up. But, as far as I know, nothing boiled in urine.  




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