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At about 8:00pm I went for a walk with my dog, Happy. It had cooled down, there was a nice breeze, and Tee Shirt and Shorts were very comfortable.

That is Key West in Feb.

It was 18 degrees in Livingston, Texas. That is where I will be on Feb 26. Sure hope I can take some of this Key West Weather with me.

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Took the dog for a short walk at 6.

Made dinner.

Salted the sidewalks.

Shoveled ice off the back porch.

Settled in with a cup of tea when my friends from two blocks away came over--they had no power. They just went home to see if they could find out what was going on, I may have overnite house guests...


[is all that weather talk meant to make some of us feel bad?]

No, just trying to inspire all the people up North to look forward to whats on the other side of the current situation. I never try to make people feel bad.

 Well maybe a little envious??

It's working. Every time you write about Key West, I wanna be there w/you & Happy. '-)


Been watching a 2 hour show on Bigfoot, and I'm rapidly losing interest.   I've also been checking in here and on FB, and of course, YoVille.
I watched two episodes of NCIS, then a show about rebuilding cars in Arizona, The Daily Show and now Letterman. I also read a book "The Ferguson Rifle" during commercials.

Milking a cold, trying to stay unconscious as much as possible.

PhotoShopped three pictures together for a friend.

Took the dogs out.

Sunset Laguna Beach


The pic is gorgeous, Robbie. Thanks for sharing about your evening in Key West w/Happy. When do you leave & head back to TX? How many days will you take to get back?


What Did You Do This Evening?

Ducatiman & I went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. It was our first time there. It was a nice experience. If I don't get sick, we'll definitely go back there. I rarely eat in restaurants b/c of the risk of triggering my auto-immune disease, so there's always a stressful element to eating in a new place, but the service was great & hopefully it was safe. Then we went home, I walked the dogs, and we got a good night's sleep. I took the day off work today to have a dental procedure done, so I got to sleep in until 7:30am! Yay for me! I think getting up at 5:15am every morning is obscene. I will never like that schedule. ;-p


Walked the dog.

Had cereal for dinner.

Read a little.

Watched Midsomer Murder.

Now here.

Heading to bed in a minute...




Hi Quinn. Tell your Sister to wave at me as I go by.
You'll be on Southard?

I was a complete slug last night. I really need to change my ways.


Tonight I'm going to an office party to bid farewell to my boss' boss. I wish I could stay in instead.

In a few minutes, after a little down time, I need to go to the grocery store & Starbucks to get stuff to take to the party & a little treat for the departing one.

I'm going to make little rolled hors d'oeuvres w/salami & swiss rolled around pepperoncini & maybe topped w/a grape tomato or olive. Does that sound okay? And maybe a smidge of Alouette or some other soft cheese spread in the middle?

Help me out here. 




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