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I was totally fascinated with this sweet little 'pillar. Some one on fb said it was poisonous.....! How do you know what seems sweet and innocent is really destined to do you in or make you feel really bad?
Do you wait and see....wander around...check out the turf? Or do you just jump in and give it a pet....?
I don't pet these things. They give me cold chills.

Then again some sweet and innocent things are really good for you....
How do you know what seems sweet and innocent is really destined to do you in or make you feel really bad?

I know people like that :(
That's a cute little caterpillar, and I doubt that he's poisonous - unless you eat him? - though some fuzzy ones can give you a rash like a nettle if you pet them.

I am pretty tolerant of critters, but here are two that give me chills when I hear them:

The hornet is supposed to be peace-loving unless you attack his nest, but they do like to come in my windows sometimes and there is something about that buzz... as there is with this one:

Okay, it's just a big fly, but a horsefly, and boy, they can and do bite without provocation! I'm not allergic to much of anything, but their bites swell and itch and stay red for days. They like to fly right behind your head, and follow you when you turn - you glimpse a flash of yellow? It's time to go inside and cool off. I think they like you best when you're hot and sweaty.

I know this hairy spider won't hurt me, but he still gives me the willies; they like to come into the house when the weather turns cool in the fall.

My "Uncle" Guy, a family friend, and a DOCTOR, treated a mean yellow jacket sting on my foot the same way when I was about 5 years old, and it worked, too! I've never forgotten that. I was walking across his front yard, barefooted, & a yellow jacket stung me on the underside of my foot. Hurt something fierce. Uncle Guy immediately broke open a big cigar, wet the tobacco & held it on the sting.

I'm tolerant of most bugs, but what bugs me is spiders, b/c I've had several spider bites & they hurt! :-(
I have a terrible dislike of spiders too with just cause. I have an eight inch scar on my leg to show for my encounter with a brown recluse back in '75.
I have to agree with PA, I have a dent in my left forearm where the muscle died from my encounter with a brown recluse.
Everyone should know what it looks like, then! It seems to be pretty much in the South, from what the maps say.

look for the fiddle on its back
My brother-in-law got bit from a Brown Recluse in his boot when he put on his boot in the morning.
Oh, my gosh, you two - PA & RRC - that's terrible!!
The 'bed bug' scourge is kinda creepy...
For the most part I find the 'bug' world fascinating. I'm not sure I would eat one but if the means to an end is them or me....serve 'em fried with ranch!
Maggots are really the only creature that rates high on the 'gag' scale...otherwise I let them go their way and I go mine.
The jumping spider is scary and very nasty....had them in Kansas and the state would issue warnings when they were in high season.
I was target shooting with a 22 pistol when I was a kid and wiped out a hornets nest...they weren't happy and chased me down....over 2 dozen stings later I was on my way to the docs with a right arm that couldn't bend and fingers that couldn't close! I really should carry an epi-pen with me....
*I was a really good shot BTW*




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