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Do you have big plans?  Picnic, reunion, barbecue, mow the lawn?


It's la Fête des Mères, Mothers' Day, here this weekend, so I'm driving down to Nantes today to help my friend Jacqueline in her flower shop, as I've done for several years now.  Her family rallies from Paris and Tours to help with sales and deliveries, and I man (woman?) the cash register. When we close at one on Sunday, we go to her brother's house on the ocean for lunch and a walk on the beach.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them all again.


Tell us what you're up to, and bring pics on Tuesday!

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I will be camping, kayaking in the Honey Island Swamp, seeking the famous Monster (Loup Garou) who dwells there.
I'll see ya'll when I return...if I return.
Hello Chez et al! I didn't get all the memos yet on the upcoming weekend. LOL! I will probably work a couple of mornings at the rib joint, but that will depend on what was sold on the previous day. I think one of my brothers and his wife are coming to stay at my mother's house, so I'll want to hook up with them too. I'd like to check with my mother on those plans, but that 83 year old lady is hard to find sometimes. She's always on the go. Today I'll finish the yard work at the lighthouse, so it will look nice there for the weekend. And finally, this morning I think I'll go into town and have breakfast at the deli/pizza place, followed by coffee with the liberals at the donut shop.

Ya know, life is pretty doggone good.
I have nothing planned for Memorial Day. My mom's 80th birthday was last Tuesday, and we are throwing a surprise party for her on Sunday, and then there is a cook out at my neighbors later in the day. But Monday? Nothing. It will just be me sitting by myself, waiting for the phone call that lets me know what time to be at the hospital on Tuesday.
My good friend is turning 50 on Saturday so we're spending the day together. Lars & I will attend the memorial service in our local community on Monday, but we tend to stay home during long holiday weekends. I'll probably spend some time in the garden.
I have no plans. Does anybody want to invite me to their gathering? I will bring Caleb and he will entertain. I can also bring beer.
You can come to my house. I'm a good cook, and I'd even drink a beer if you brought it. Too bad it's such a long drive.
Hi Chez! George and I don't have any plans for Memorial Day, we're just taking it as it comes.
Boy.....does that ever sound like a nice weekend Chez. Hats off to you for living the good life :) Nothin' special this weekend. But I will be on my deck with my coffee(s) and a good book at sunrise both mornings :)
The usual: Whole Hog races and midget barbecue.

Wait a minute...
Sounds lovely, Chez. Much better than my Saturday - 5 hours in the car to go to a 3 hour graduation party then 5 hours home. What we don't do for family...

I think I'll sleep the rest of the weekend. Unless Pickle and Caleb come over.
Family and friends and food Saturday night. Remind me to make salsa and buy chips! I forgot chips today.

Cubs game Sunday afternoon at home/Chicago. Never went to one, so this is the beginning for me. Look for me. I will have a beverage.

Monday is a parade day, I think. And rest. Ahh --- rest....
Sme, you've never been to a Cubs game? My older brothers used to take me to ball games when I was a kid. One liked the Cubs, the other the Sox, and both were trying to convert me. Wrigley is fun, even though I'm a Sox fan. One of the last of the old ball parks. Enjoy.




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