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Okay...we've been around the block..Been there...done that...    Either from just plain being tired...worn out...or fed up...

What's on the "done" list?


Won't lift the heavy stuff...leave it lay or ask a hunky young thing to do it....









I don't do pantyhose anymore....either my arms are too short or my legs have gotten longer.















This is definitely not my style....kissing up or bowing over backwards...to anyone.

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Well, I can't drink nowadays.  Frankly, I no longer like the taste of alcoholic drinks, and if I do drink, it bothers my stomach.  If I drink in excess, it takes twelve times the actual times expended on drinking to recover...i.e. 4 hours of drinking takes 48 hours of recovery time.


Just ain't worth it.

Yep. That was my first answer Stir. Quit a year and 4 months ago. I'm okay not touching the hooch.

I remember when you quit I think....Good going jlees..I had to quit....Alcohol no longer works for me....Life is sooo much better without ever taking a drink.

I remember when you quit, J Lee....congrats for sticking with it.  I've always drank to get drunk....responsible drinking was never my thing, and I'm unrepentant to that end still.  My body finally wrested some power away from my brain... and said "no more".  The brain agreed and said "yeah, I guess its not a good investment of our time to spend two days on the couch recovering.  These days, I may (and its no sure thing) get hammered once a year.  All signs have to be in my favor though.

I effectively quit almost ten years ago now, when I quit smoking.  At that time I made myself a promise that if I quit, when I turned 70 I'd take up smoking, drinking and unprotected sex, and "take it home".  As I slowly creep towards age 70, however, I just don't see that happening.  HaHaHa! 

Hahaha......I hear you Stir.

With the fully synthetic oil now, you can go 5000 miles between oil changes. Once you put in in, you must always use it thereafter. More expensive, but it protects your engine better, with less viscosity breakdown then normal oil. I don't know about not changing my oil at all, unless you're planning on getting a new vehicle alot sooner?  

Oh, Okay! Just checkin'. 

I can't ski the black diamond trails anymore.

I can't wear a bikini anymore. [Well, techinally I could, but why torture innocent strangers that way]

I shouldn't lift heavy things anymore, but I do...that's the part where my brain and my body aren't in sync...

I cant stay in the sunshine very long, cant roller skate, haven't had a drink in over ten years..I stopped counting, cant bike uphill, or run around the block, but I can still walk good..just recovered from hernia surgery & the doc said dont lift heavy things, so I don't lift heavy things. Oh yeah Quinn....I no-longer wear a bikini....Like you said why torture innocent bystanders...:)
Can't juggle or play the piano....never could.  :-)
I think I listed some things on an earlier post but I can recap. When I had my knee replacements in Oct. '09 they gave me a list of things I was not to do anymore. Most were things I didn't do anyway. On the list were not to play football, soccer, basketball, hockey, or jog. I could play golf but since my shoulder surgery 10 years ago I haven't been able to swing a club worth a flip. I general I can't sleep all night anymore or eat many of the foods I used to enjoy. I do still drink but only beer and only socially. I haven't been a heavy drinker since college. I also forget things more than I used too which scares me because my brother just died of Alzheimer's.
So sorry about your brother PA.




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