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Robbie, I'm trying to find the Q/A Question you asked about the MA Refugees and cant find it. I needed to read and answer. I can find it nowhere. I hope you didn't delete it. I had only read 13 pages. I had some questions and comments to make. It looks gone. So if there is a need to say more here it is.

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I had a number of questions to answer there and feel cut off.
Well said Dot
I'm glad too.....it served no purpose at all.
I never have understood what all the problems were. I must wear rose colored glasses. It could be better that way. I have no problems with anyone--never have!
Well, I did not have a chance to read everything and just because it was nasty does not mean that it still isn't nasty; it's just covered and plugged up. There were some hurt feelings and I believe that feelings need airing. I felt also that there were some misunderstandings and when such are allowed a public forum they come out with a chance for resolution or resignation, one way or another.
I think everyone else decided there were more important issues in the world...at least the maturer ones did.
I didn't see any issues that were immature though so I gave it another chance. If people are good with what was or was not said that's cool too. This thread saw no action till today so I thought all must be well with whatever was at issue. It's still here if there are any more things to discuss.




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