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So here we are looking around, taking a peek... hanging out.

On some thread a bit ago, some one said how annoying the FB was with all the trivial updating goings on.

Personally, I don't think my daily updating is all that interesting but some times I really feel the need to share.  My kitties don't give a whit and the bird...well, he lives in his own world.  His updates would mostly involve "lived another day"..."got some of that shredded stuff again (cheese)"  etc.

Mostly, I have you fine folks to droll on about my meager existence and occasional moments of wonderful.


So, here you go...Keep it brief...mundane with a bit of intrigue.

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Status, HOT, HOT.

does anyone know what happened to Faye Greenier?

Maybe she went to "Greener' pastures.
There are greener pastures?

Not really....but there is a scientific explanation for that old saying. Has something to do with the angle of the sun from one side of the fence to another and the length of the grass from one side to another. That's all I remember right now'


I always tried to stay on my side of the fence.

I sneezed 12 times in a row...no kidding. 

I'm exhausted...:=>

I heard a rumor that Faye lost her house in one of the tornados. That made me notice that it had been at least a couple weeks since she has posted anything. Hadn't thought anything of it since people come and go all the time. Just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.
If you sneezed one more time, you could have posted it in "Baker's Dozen".

Yesterday was a typical day out on The Leelanau for me. 

I had breakfast with the retired teachers, down at the new yuppie place.  To a man, these guys seem to have bad hearing.  The noise level was deafening!  None of us were arguing, but a normal decibel level for those guys is window rattling.  The management was very nice to us...they brought pitchers of water and carafes of coffee, and checked on us often.

One fella was a little bit upset....he ordered unbuttered toast, and he only got one slice.  He was gonna complain, but we told him thats what they give you at the yuppie place.  I guess yuppies don't like a lot of carbs.

When it came time to pay, the educators mostly left a 15% tip....one guy had to borrow a dime, though, to bring his tip up to par.

I do enjoy meeting these guys once a month....it would serve any junior senior citizen well to sit and learn from his or her elders.

After eating, I moved across the street for coffee and a donut at the donut shop.  The center table was pretty crowded, but I squeezed in, and contributed my two cents worth, when apropos.  Compared to the teachers' breakfast, the noise level in the donut shop was positively funeral home-like.

I stopped by and visited with my mother for awhile, and then popped in to the little garden store to pick up some impatiens....my next stop was to plant a flower bed for the little old widow lady.

I must say, my plantings looked really nice when I finished.  I'm slowly learning that grouping plants looks a whole lot better than rows, which is what I did at my house several years ago.  I did a couple of minor chores, and then sat and chatted for a while.  The little old widow lady is one of my best friends.  Back in the '90s we were both involved with the restoration project at the local lighthouse.  Our views of money management are very similar....if you don't have it...don't spend it!!  Somewhere along the line, our various governmental units didn't get the memo on that one, I guess.  As I had now finished all my chores, the little old widow lady paid me for the complete project.  I didn't charge her for the time spent planting the flowers....sometimes we should do things because its the neighborly thing to do.

My next stop was back in town, to have Friday supperdinner at the greasy spoon.  I have a standing invite to this family style meal, but this is the first one I've made this year.  It was Mexican food, Old El Paso "from the box" style...predictable, but filling.  The meal costs $8.00.  Several folks, mostly seniors, on very fixed incomes, attend this meal.  It gives them a chance to get out and socialize.  A political contemporary of my dad (although diametrically opposed to him on most topics, especially politics), Mac, was there.  This old fella is 95...and only one month younger than my dad.  Pops passed in 2002.  I'll never forget when Pops died...his old adversary Mac called on my family....in coat and tie, to pay his respects.  That was "Old School", and very classy, I always thought.  Had the tables been turned, and Mac had died first, I'm not sure my dad would have done something like calling on the bereaved.  My dad sometimes carried a grudge.  

I made one more stop on my way home....back to the garden store to buy another flat of impatiens.  I decided to brighten up my place a little, after seeing the results at the little old widow lady's house.  That will be one of today's projects. 


Wonderful story today Stir....life is good...so are you.

I'm especially drawn to the story of your dad.  That generation is slowly disappearing as is the social graces that was taught to them.

Keep telling us more...

Thanks, Jaylee....that generation is often refered to as "the greatest generation".  There are certainly lots of reasons to agree, I guess.  They certainly had their faults, too, but I guess being raised in the depression, and then moving into WWII, it took awhile for them to get going with the business of living life comfortably.

Thanks for your kind words about my writings of my ambles through daily life.  I'm not sure if I write them for me or for the rest of you, but I enjoy doing it.

What Jaylee said, Stir. Thanks for weaving us stories of life past and present there; there's a richness to having lived in one place for a long time.

I'm anxious to leave this area after only twenty-five years. Wow, can't believe it's been that long.


I concur with the planting in bunches Gary, that way we only have to dig one hole, instead of a myriad of smaller ones......;)




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