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The Scottish government has hired a group of people to taste-test some fish that may be tainted by a near-by natural gas leak.

How much would they have to pay you to do this job?







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Nobody said they had to SWALLOW the test tastes, which is usually where the real danger would come in.

Hell, if the right person dared me, I might do it for free.

Well..I figure if it's natural gas, and you cook the fish and cut into it, and you are NOT repelled by gas odors, then what the hell...where's the tartar sauce? (If the fish were caught LIVE would also be a pretty much go ahead and chow down thing for me...I think?)  LOL!

Hey there Slim. After reading the article I would do it for $1987. 42 plus first rate hotel, ground transportation, meals that aren't tainted fish, and air fare there and back home. And any needed medical care of course.

More than they could afford.

LOL. Ah Bob. Well, that's my standard deal for taste testing questionable food.

Well, I'm kind of a "garbage gut".....I'd probably do it for about $16.00/hr, plus travel expenses.

I think the fish we get is probably tainted with worse stuff than that.

I'd eat it with a good chianti and some fava beans.

LOL Faye. And, yeah, you're right.

Have you ever given any thought to what fish eat under normal circumstances? We used to hang bags of chicken guts on the clothes line in the sun until they got real aromatic. Then we would bait our trot lines with it. Catfish loved those. the more putrid the better.

Did it give them gas?

I don't think they worried about gas. It only cost about 20 cents a gallon.

I heard that ocean beach sand is really parrot fish poop.

Squish your toes around that one!




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