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Seems that everywhere I look, someone is wanting to let me in on a secret.

The secret to losing 5 lbs a day; The secret that lets you beat the stock market year after year; The secret that Big Oil don't want you to know: The secret way to whiten your teeth that a suburban mom uses; The secret way to build muscle; and on and on.

What is this fascination with secrets? Is it really a secret, how Warren Buffet got rich? How Oprah lost a gazillian pounds?

Have you ever paid anyone to let you in on the secrets to a better life? Have you bought a magazine to find out some secret about a celebrity? To learn how to sleep better?  

Do secrets really sell? Let us in on your secrets.


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My secret is that I don't have any secrets. 

At least none I'm going to spill about.

I've never paid for secrets. I'm not really that interested in other peoples "secrets".


I don't need some one else to tell me how to live a better life. My life is good. When it isn't I follow my own philosophy of what constitutes a good , or better, life.


I don't like strangers telling me what to do and where to go and what to eat and when and with whom. What does a stranger know about me? Nothing. So, how can they tell me how to live and more importantly, why do they think they can?

It's why I've never been a fan of Oprah or Dr. Phil or any of those gazillion people out there that have written books and magizine articles and held lectures and seminars and god knows what else...


No one knows me but me, my family and my friends. Everyone else, butt out!


{Sorry for the rant, it's a pet peeve of mine}



Rant all you want, Miss Q. I agree with you.


That being said some one needs to reveal two big secrets.......How did bush get elected not just once but twice?....and why are we supposed to care about Kim Kardasion (spelling)

*I aint payin' for either one*

The only secrets that could possibly be worth finding out are ones no one is ever going to tell. I have a few that I will carry to my grave.

It seems like secrets do still sell even after all these years of them having been busted for being false. I bought into, for a couple of months, that using a certain well known cosmetic company's creams would work wonders for me. When I took them back for my refund which was promised, the lady told me that only surgery could really make the changes I was looking for. She must have been temporary christmas help.

I've tried finding Nirvana by listening to CDs and watching videos of "masters." I did get some ideas worth looking into but no nirvana.

I guess it's always been the same. Snake oil salesmen and pitchmen selling secret, exotic elixirs and philosophies that are good for what ails.


My community is pretty small and everyone tells everyone elses secrets.

I have secrets that I didn't even know I had.

:-D   Good one!

Well, why don't all of you send me $99.99 each, and I'll let you in on all my secrets to success!

Here you go.


This is easier and has better odds than Power Ball.

Thank you Robbie....your packet of information will be in the mail sometime soon.

Can I get a discount on shipping since I'm not too far away?

Bob, you'll need two sets, I'm thinking, so yes, you can wave the shipping on the second one.

That's "waive", not "wave", although you can wave buh-bye to your money!




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