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Before I begin the real subject of this potential conversation, I'm wondering how many of you work for, have worked for, or have used the services of a non-profit organization.

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I just celebrated my tenth anniversary working at a non-profit community radio station.

I've spent the last 35 years working at a non-profit cancer research center.  

I've worked for the church, for pay and as a volunteer.

Maybe you need to define Non Profit Organizations.

I worked for the Army For twenty two years. Don't think we ever made a profit. But I don't think that is the type of Organization you are refering too.

I had Polio when I was 15 years old. I spent almost 3 months in a hospital "March Of Dimes" paid for the whole thing. Is that the type NGO that you are talking about?

Many years ago, I did some volunteer work for a church ministry.

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"Standin" extra? 

At least you weren't a "bendin over" extra.

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I haven't worked for one, but I have spent some time in a non profit hospital.

I have volunteered at one for 36 years. Currently my farm could be considered non-profit.

good one Aggie, though I think  your profit comes in life style. My grandparents had a 360 acre farm on the Flathead river in Kalispel Montana and growing up I thought it was a close to heaven as a person could possibly be without meeting God in person. To this day, I envy you your farm life.

So what's the potential conversation?




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